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Whispers From The Shadows( A Collection Of Poems)
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Whispers From The Shadows( A Collection Of Poems)


Is this a myth or true?

Does he take the life out of me,

And render my body a lump of meat and bones?

Does he keep my life

Or leave it to roam in the wild as they say?

Will I be a shadowy man and linger in the streets?

In the streets I will see my young

Grow into men and ladies.

Will they listen when I talk to them?

Heard my voice will be a mere whisper,

And my being lighter than a shadow.

Will see my love fall in love,

Get her heart broken and cry,

And yet can’t console her.

This torment I cannot bear,

Please do take me far, far away,

Lest I see my beloved tormented.

Far, Far Away

When my time comes

He will take me away,

With a will stronger than my own.

He will ride me on his hoofless horse.

Before the known I will pass unseen.

On a journey of no return he will take me.

For he will take me far, far away.

Fight You to Live

He stands behind me tall and strong.

He wears a hood as dark as dawn.

I know him not, but feel like he knows me

For he points his dagger at me

Ready to snatch the life out of me.

He wears no eye yet he sees.

He took his heart away lest he feels.

He feels not my pain so he giggles.

He takes the old and the young,

Cares not if I’m rich or poor, strong or weak.

Make it quick lest I fight you to live.

Deep, Deep slumber

The dawn is darker though day is here

The sun is shining and yet we cannot see

For darkness has befallen us

And the spell is cast, the spell of the dark knight.

There lies a hero, the knight who can ride no more.

There lies our ruler, the man of peace.

He whose voice is of peace will speak no more.

The man who takes our name

Across the seven seas will travel no more.

How will our neighbors hear about us?

We hear not a snore or a yawn,

Yet you lay in a deep, deep slumber.


The quest for more, a feeling of unfulfilled

Is woven in the very flesh of man.

It starts right in the womb when conceived.

And even before that, as man seeks a partner,

With whom he might feel whole.

Even with a partner found

He seeks for more company.

As the quest for more overtakes us,

A child is conceived and

born into an unknown world.

A world that will mold him into good or evil,

Rich or poor, helpful or needy.

The rich in our world seeks to be richer.

The poor seeks to be rich

But no matter how hard he tries,

He might not rise.

Not because he didn’t do enough,

What he made was just taken from him.

So forever he will seek but might not get enough.

The rich gets to keep what he’s got,

He will forever seek to be rich

Lest he lie lazy and be poor,

Then the ruler will take what he’s got.

Forever will man be unfulfilled, a thirst for more.

A Place in Between

I met a man from the other side.

He wore a gown as white as snow.

He wore a sign he called his name.

He spoke of a place of joy and peace,

A place of no disease and no eternal sleep.

A place he sings day and night to the Creator of all.

He spoke of great men I will love to meet.

He spoke of a place he sees afar,

From where he hears cries and sees eternal smoke rise.

I asked of a place in between

About which he said there was none

And with that he disappeared to where I know not.

I met a man from the other side!

He wore a gown as dark as dawn

From which came smoke like from a burnt wood.

He spoke of a place of eternal torment.

He wore the scars of his punishment.

He spoke of great men I will love to meet.

He spoke of a place he sees afar

A city he described as of gold.

I asked of a place in between

about which he said there was none.

With a fearful scream he was snatched to where I know not.

How I wish he had said there was

A place in between,

How I wish my faith was restored by him.

Street Talk


These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I'll come back to read them from time to time when I need a boost.

  about 1 decade ago

thanks for reading...

  about 1 decade ago
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