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Writing Is Like A Therapy - Good For The Soul
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Writing is Like A Therapy  -  Good for the Soul

Have you tried therapy? Have you tried counseling?

Why I ask you this is just because writing is extremely therapeutic or so I found. The more I write, especially here on Street Articles where I can select any topic and does not have to be a long article or a novel, the more I realize how freely thoughts flow. I have not been brave enough to take up the 30 day challenge just yet. First I want to see if I run out of steam.

When I was in school, sometimes I wrote diaries. I enjoyed writing down my important experiences and talk about the key events of my life. Then when I came to Australia I started to jot things down again. The events when I wrote more in details were new relationships. Those events, my thoughts and my feelings were the important things that I wanted to record to see them more clearly, I guess. I still keep a record of important happenings in my life.

Work related events took my singing voice away years ago. I was 'silenced'. I still don't sing, although I spent my whole life conducting and singing in choirs. In the last couple of years as I started to write more frequently, I noticed that writing made me feel like I have a voice again. The process of writing is amazing. At this stage, I would say I am a 'spontaneous' writer. A thought or a topic comes in my head and I like to elaborate on that. There are things that interest me and I care about. What I learned and discovered about them I want to share with others.

The good thing about being a spontaneous writer is that I have to tell the truth. I need to tell the way I see things and I can't make them prettier just because it is in writing. My intuition leads me. I am following my inner guide, my inner voice.

The writing process helps to organize our thoughts, to clarify things and to structure them. It really clears the mind.

This will sound really weird so Dear Reader, please forgive me. But has it happened to you that you ate something bad so your body needed to get rid of it? Or have you done some detoxing and your body needed to expel toxins? Frequently, vomiting is the fastest and best relief to get rid of things! Please don't misunderstand me...I am not comparing writing with vomiting. But the cleansing process is somewhere similar even if I did not put it the best way. However, I am sure you got what I wanted to say. You understood what I meant...For a lot of people talking things through with another person is the solution. A good conversation is the best way to find relief and make peace with the past. Perhaps the questions and the input of another person is what makes them see things differently and gives them a different viewing point to step to the next level.

When you write, you have the freedom of going wherever you want. Nobody directs you, tells you how to see things or asks you questions. It is all up to you. You find the way, you find the solution and you come to conclusion yourself. It is a self-cleansing process if you like.

A few weeks ago a mature student of mine brought her Grandmother's journal to show me. It was an old journal with leather cover and yellow pages, the memories written with the most beautiful, flowing hand-writing. Belinda and her family used to live in South Africa. This amazing lady, her Grandma, fell in love, got married to a man who was taken to fight in the World War II and died there. As a young woman, she became a widow and a single mother with a baby. She decided to move back to the town where her family lived and created a life for herself and for her child. This journal was the amazing story of their life that got passed down to her daughter and now it is in the hands of her granddaughter and Belinda's three daughters. Extraordinary life of ordinary people. When Belinda gave me this old journal that was falling apart, I almost had tears in my eyes. She offered that I could keep the journal and read it but I could not do that. I felt I was not worthy of reading her family's most private memories and thoughts. I am curious though....

With my writings because some of them contains quite private thoughts and details of my life, I find it easier to send it out to the ether and let strangers read it. Not sure I would be very comfortable to send them to my best friends. However, by writing down my thoughts I set them free!

Cheers, Piroska

Street Talk

i understand the relationship with vomiting and writing to get stuff out of your system, I do 'spew' out dribble on paper all the

  about 9 years ago

Phew, I am so relieved that I am not the only one :)

  about 9 years ago
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