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5 Tips To Being More Creative
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5 Tips To Being More Creative

Sometimes, were in a need of a little inspiration. I know that it doesn’t come by easy, and that being creative isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. But don’t worry! Creativity is an original thought that comes from YOU. All you need is something to get you started, and that’s why I’m going to give you these five tips to help spark your thoughts!

1. Take time away from whatever may you may be working on. Of course not for too long! Plan a weekend getaway, a one day roadtrip. Bring a friend along and try something you don’t normally do. You tend to go see a movie? Try Ice skating. Roam the streets, walk around; take pictures. Visit places you have never noticed before, you’ll be surprised how many things are really out there; just waiting for you to pass by. It can even be in your own hometown

2. Try listening to new music! Do you generally listen to classical music? Listen to hip-hop, pop music, get out of your comfort zone. You might even like it! Learn about what other people listen too, what other people write about and what others listen to. Listen to some dubstep, maybe you’ve never even heard about it. Maybe it’ll inspire you, maybe it’ll blow your ears up; but it’s the experience that’ll help your creativity.

3. Change your speech pattern for a day, look up some old English words; try speaking in Spanish even though you don’t know the language. Actually scratch that, try German; that’ll be fun. Your wondering what that would do for you; but the question is what doesn’t it do for you? You can always have fun by being silly, and if your learning a new language even better! Being creative is all about breaking out of your routine, and learning to enjoy the little things!

4. Believe you’re becoming Creative. This time you haven’t done anything, but you’ve done more than you know. Mentality is sometimes all it takes; in fact creativity is all about mentality. You change your scenery; your daily scenario’s to change your mentality. How are you going to be creative if you don’t think you can be! Doesn’t sound like it would work would it?

5. Read some Manga. Many people don’t even know what Manga is! Take it as an alternative from a book. You want to be creative? Read about some crazy stories, amuse yourself in your free time. Sometimes books are just too serious or take too long to read. Read some Manga, it’s a popular form of comics that’ll definitely have you thinking! Reading Manga is out of the ordinary and new, a definite must when sparking those creative juices.

At the end of the day, just try something new! Everyone has it in them to be creative, and it doesn’t have to be any of the 5 tips that help your creativity explode. Why? Because everyone is different! That’s why there’s creativity. Whether it’s being alone or in a party, reading some manga or star gazing; inspiration comes from everywhere! The only wrong move is to not do anything at all!

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