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Creative Meditation
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Meditation is a natural state of "peace and calm" for the mind and body. It's a practice used all over the world that provides one with self-control in the thought processes and body movements. Meditation is used for writers, authors and artistic people whom want to express their inner creative ideas. These creative ideas are used in books, ebooks and paintings. Once an artist or writer discover a"sense of peace"about themselves and their work and they become detached from chaotic surroundings, they become true to the direction within them.

Meditation is practiced for a number of reasons, two of them are health and mental. When one practice meditation they are starting a health regime without drugs. It has valuable consequences such as lowering of blood pressure, improvement in the breathing and immune system and complete relaxation of the body. Mentally meditation has its rewards such as better concentration, increases creativity and developing intuition.

Creative Meditation is when one wants to open up to their inner creativity through ideas. Creative ideas are in all of us ready to use when we are open to them. It requires that the body and mind is relax in a sitting position with their eyes closed. The mind is becoming peaceful as the guest concentrate on the words "peace" or "calm." Their maybe interfering thoughts, but the guest must continue in using the words "peace" or "calm" ,in order, to get the mind to relax. Relaxing the body means the guest goes to each part of their body and relax and let the tension flow out. Starting with the head, neck, face and shoulders relaxing and releasing the tension. Same with the torso,hips, arms and hands and slowly releasing the tension in the back, legs calves and feet. The guest is becoming completely relaxed thinking on the word "peace."

When the mind and body is relax the guest can now think on creative ideas that they may use in their writing or art work. Their's a strong concentration on these ideas. Once this creative idea is vivid in the mind the guest can open their eyes and write the new idea and supporting ideas down. If there is no ideas in mind then that's ok, the guest will receive creative ideas at the best time for them. When this happens the guest must carry a pen and paper with them so when the idea comes they can write it down and apply it to their work when necessary.This meditation is 20-50 minutes.

I have applied this meditation method during times when I needed more creative ideas for my books,ebooks, papers or when I have experienced writer's block. I have learned that ideas may show up at unexpected times, therefore, I would have a pen and paper available so I could write the idea down.

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