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Crochet - The History And Evolution
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Sometimes when I’m quietly working on a crochet project, I wonder where crochet all began. How many other ladies through time have worked the same crochet stitches I am now? What were they making and for whom?

Very little is known of the early history of crochet. It’s been theorized that it evolved from traditional practices in Arabia, South America or China, and possibly originally done using only fingers. Way back when, crochet was a pastime of the rich. Privileged ladies would work fancy and elaborate items to adorn their clothing or homes. The art of crochet was not to be for the poor. The elite didn’t believe the poor were entitled to have lovely homes or apparel. Instead, they were to learn to knit and make basic items, repair socks, etc. By the early 1840’s, crochet instructions were being published in England. In 1845-49, as Ireland was fighting the Great Irish Famine, crochet lace work was being done by women and taught to young girls as a form of famine relief.

Over the years crochet fashion and trends have evolved. Victorian ladies were making fancy purses, heavily beaded and crocheted using brightly colored silks. After World War II interest in home crafts grew and women were decorating their homes with crocheted doilies and potholders. A new generation became interested in crochet in the 1960-70’s, and everyone was making granny squares (my very first crochet project as a young girl was a traditional granny square afghan with black trim). Today, crochet is at an all-time high in popularity. There is an endless supply of crochet patterns and yarn stores are offering how to crochet classes in addition to the traditional knitting classes.

There are many convenient tools used in crochet but to keep it simple, the basic crochet supplies you’ll need are a hook and some sort of material, usually yarn or thread. Crochet hooks come in many sizes and materials. They are found easily in yarn stores, craft and hobby stores…heck, I’ve even seen them in grocery stores. Crochet yarn is usually sold in balls or skeins and labeled with the weight, length, dye lot, fiber content and washing instructions.

It’s not necessarily your grandmother’s crochet anymore. Crochet works of art, from snuggly children’s toys to funky wall hangings are always inspiring. And the recent Yarn Bombing craze is exciting and can be found almost anywhere. Crochet Obsession will explore new crochet tips and techniques to help you along your way, providing support and inspiration.

As you can see crochet has come, as they say, a long way baby! From crocheting out of necessity to using it as an artistic outlet and displaying it for the world to enjoy.

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