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Independent Critical Thinkers
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Independent Critical Thinkers

Definition of Critical Thinking

When many people think of critical thinking they get ideas about abstract logic and reasoning or some type of deep philosophy. Too many people are of the opinion that critical thinking or reasoning is fit only for academia and academics. This viewpoint couldn’t be further from the truth.

Critical thinking is nothing more then serious study and investigation of a topic using various sources of quality information and your own intelligence and common sense. If you want to become an informed and thoughtful person you need to develop and hone your thinking skills. Critical thinking and reasoning is extremely important and is used on any topic and in all aspects of life.

It’s amazing how few people think deeply about issues that have lasting and serious effects on their lives and well-being. A large part of the population seems willing to accept shallow analyses and talking points from the latest talking head.

We now live in serious times and people need to put aside the excuses and start really looking into the local and national issues of the day.

There is an old saying about never stopping learning; you should learn something everyday until you die. This is not just some sort of platitude, being unaware and ill informed can have devastating results on you and your family.

Problem Solving Techniques

With the advent of the internet and e-books the excuse of not enough time no longer applies. Quality information is at your finger tips and pretty affordable. To develop your critical thinking you need to actively enhance your thinking and investigating skills. There is actually processes that break down arguments and ideas to check the validity and logic of the points being made. Learning to distinguish quality information and use it properly is a valuable tool to possess.

History is a wonderful example of thinking critically and investigating thoroughly. Many people say they don’t enjoy history or even that it’s not important.

I do not believe this is true for most people .

I think it’s the way history is presented.

People across the world love a good story. History is nothing if not good stories and tales.

I think that if you can draw people into history, or any topic really, from religion to mathematics to philosophy, you can get them interested and improving their critical thinking and reasoning.

A quick example, since people love examples.

What if you could get people motivated to read about the Ottoman Empire? The colonial period in Africa and the Middle East? How about World War I? There is a vast amount of literature on these topics. Much of it very readable and enjoyable. Give people a taste of some of these great stories and they will be wanting more. Do you think that as someone reads and learns more about these topics that they will get a broader and better understanding of the problems in North Africa and the Middle East today? This region could have huge effects throughout the world in many different ways. A better understanding of the complexity of the issues involved in this area could be of the utmost importance for millions.

Learning and Development

Education is the key to a fuller life, but it doesn’t have to be college or university. Simply improving and using critical thinking and reasoning will empower you to fully understand and better live your life.

Being an independent thinker and not following the herd is a priceless asset and not enough people have it. Make your life fuller, more enjoyable and better understood by improving your knowledge and critical thinking.

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Thanks Shawn

  about 1 decade ago

Really nice article Joe. Plenty to ponder. I really agree with you on the learn something every day to the end. Well done.

  about 1 decade ago

This now is a top article and well worth the read and reread.. thinking seriously can create so much in ones own head, that it could frighten someone... I do it a lot with time on my hands to do it.. I philosophy my own thoughts beyond the norm and sometimes my wife becomes involved and wonders who the hell I am...

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks much Rob

  about 1 decade ago

You are so right! There are a multitude of engaging stories from past historic events that it gives us many ways to introduce people to history that will make it enjoyable for them to learn. The days of dry teaching from textbooks in the classroom are over. As a teacher, I found that students didn't much care for that pedagogy. But give them Anne Frank's diary or a movie like The Titanic and history came alive for them. The new generations tend to turn their noses up when they see an antique, opting instead for the new, latest and greatest gadget instead. But put an engaging story to it, and they not only find an interest in it but can actually get excited enough to share what they've learned.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks again Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

You're right! People love stories. People love examples! Critical thinking and reasoning helps in life - as does being an independent thinker. Thanks for another good article.

  about 1 decade ago
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