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Introverts Enjoy Talking About Subjects That Interest Them
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Introverts are everywhere. They live next door to us, go to school with us, and work with us. Introverts are known for being quiet, keeping to themselves, and preferring to hang out with just two or three friends at a time, rather than a crowd. These individuals may dislike being put on the spot and asked to speak in front of a group. However, they enjoy talking about subjects that they like.

One subject an introvert may enjoy talking about is the writing and publishing that he has been doing. He may be publishing articles online, for example, and may have just published his 1000th article. Publishing 1000 articles is a major milestone, and the introvert would likely be eager to talk about this. He would probably want to talk about what his article is about and about how he plans to celebrate this milestone. He might be planning a quiet, romantic dinner or movie with his spouse, for example. Alternately, he might want to buy something for himself, such as computer software to help with his writing or an item for a collection. Career-related subjects are not the only items of interest to introverts, of course.

Another subject an introvert may enjoy talking about is a favorite activity. Perhaps he listens to "American Top 40" each Sunday, for example. If he listens to the show regularly, he likely keeps up with which singer has the number one song each week. He would want to talk about whether he believes that this singer will be able to stay at number one, or if the singer's song will drop a few spots, allowing someone else to be at the top. He wants to be at the top and do his best in all of his endeavors, so he might also want to talk about his daily routine.

He might talk about what he does for fitness and how it makes him feel. He might run, for example. When talking about his running, he might talk about the weight that he has lost. He might also talk about how he no longer feels the tension that he felt before he started running, which is helping to improve all areas of his life, including his relationships and his sleep.

Introverts are not strange people with problems. They are good people who have something to offer. If you are ready and willing to listen to an introvert, you may learn something. Your new knowledge may help to improve your life.

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I am actually an introvert and value my privacy. True I felt claustrophobic attending events, concerts and hate to be spotted in public places. It is not that I hate people and I never treat anyone with hostility. One more misconception about introverts are that we have low self-confidence.I For me during the years I was employed my job involved public speaking, leading projects and chairing meetings. I enjoyed my role as a KM practitioner back then where I collaborated with my team working in other operating units across continents.I I became the opposite of myself at work but coming home from work I always felt drained. That led me to quit my job eventually as I realized being something I am not will not take me far. Point i am trying to make is that dsome introverts are willing to act differently depending on the circumstances. Extrovert people do quieten down when they have a bad day.

  about 9 years ago

Good points. Thanks for reading! :)

  about 9 years ago
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