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This should be a point where you have a more clear perception or vision of what is needed to be done and how to proceed. This is where you begin to improve on your life situation. No matter what, at this point, start on what you need to be doing. Please do not let the perception of lack of progress deter you from working towards your goals. Everyday that you do some part of this process, you are making progress! Please keep up your journal. You can go back to this and read your notes and so. [I keep a my journal on line, very easy to reference back when you need to.]

Earlier in Part 2, I mentioned that it takes 21 days to changes a habit. The only way to find out for sure is to keep doing things differently. The farther you go into this challenge, the easier the articles are to write.You can do several actions at once to improve your life situation:

  1. Change of routine
  2. Family /personal relations
  3. Writing daily
  4. Research

This approach is challenging but do-able.Reaching out through these articles will help you [and others] to understand your message:

  1. Share your passion
  2. Life focus
  3. Advice

There are 3 critical areas to be considered:

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Plan

Vision can be defined as "a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination." [from Merriam Webster Dictionary.] The idea here is to be able to think or conceive of yourself in a way that gives you goals to be accomplished.

Put aside the life focus you have now and look forward to making changes in your life. Everybody can change! Learn from your past life lessons and go forward,get your vision to determine your purpose and make a plan for success. This will take determination and courage! Start to clear your thoughts [especially negative attitudes] and make changes toward success.

Purpose "an intended or desired result." What is your "desired result?" this may take a while to get your focus in life going in the desired direction-be patient with yourself and the situation. Make the choices in your life to bring you where you need to be. Purpose used as a verb: He purposed to change his way of life radically."

Do you have a plan that is directed towards success? This is where you have to define what your success will be. Plans need to be specific but flexible enough to keep you on track and definite enough to let you know when/if you get off your success track. Ask questions seek advice-the only dumb question is the one you did not ask!

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