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What I Would Build Out Of Snow
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I am an adult. Like other adults, I have worries, such as the student loans I need to repay. I also have adult passions, like my blog. Like most adults, however, I am also a kid at heart, and I enjoy activities that children enjoy, such as building objects out of snow.

One object I would love to build is a dog. Dogs are good companions and good protection, and I would love to have a dog meet me at the door, excitedly wagging its tail as if to say "I'm so glad you're home!" I would love to have a dog for a pet, as long as my husband and I could afford to take care of it. The dog would be a great addition to our family, and unlike a dog built from snow, a real dog would not melt away when the weather turned warmer. Instead, it would live a long and healthy life, and we would become good friends. A dog is not all that I would build out of snow, however.

Another item I would build out of snow is a pair of rollerblades. I love my skates, and I hope to get better on them. Building a pair of rollerblades on my front lawn would tell the neighbors that I am interested in a fascinating sport. There is also another piece of workout equipment that I would build out of snow: running shoes.

I love running. I have found that this sport is a great way to relieve stress and watch my weight. Running early in the day helps me to sleep well at night. In addition to workout equipment, there is one other item that I would build out of snow: a coffee mug.

I love coffee. I love the way it warms me up on a cold day, and I love how good it tastes with certain foods, like banana bread. What about you? What might you build out of snow?

The next time you get the day off from work or school because the snow is coming down from the sky, the roads are slick, and the weather forecasters are advising you to stay home, bundle up in warm clothes, such as a coat, gloves, boots, and a scarf, and go play in the snow. Be creative, and see what you might build. A good piece can be a good conversation starter and can also be something that you can be proud to show your neighbors, friends, and family.

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