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No matter how bad your credit is, you can seek for ways to do a Credit history repair. You do not need to brood over a bad credit history. You do not have to worry over split milk! You can begin to clean up the mess and seek practical ways to ensure a neat Credit history repair process.

To be on the way to a nice Credit history repair, you need to pay all of your bills on time. Of course, it can be worse if you don't do that. Do not forget that late payments after 30 days or more can have a negative effect on your credit history.

If you want to get through a smooth Credit history repair process, you need to lower the number of credit cards you carry. Ask your credit issuers to close some of your accounts and notify you of the status of this change to all the three credit reporting agencies.

Do your utmost best to avoid bankruptcy, tax liens for not paying state or federal income taxes or property taxes and even collections. Bankruptcy should be a no go area for you!

If it helps relieve you of your debt issues now, the pains you will experience will last for a longer time than the temporary relief you may enjoy. A bankruptcy declaration can stay up to ten years on your credit report, and this will deter lenders from giving you more loans in future. You may even find it difficult to secure a good job if care is not taken. In the same vein, collection accounts and paid tax liens stay on for seven years. On the other hand, unpaid tax liens will haunt you down for ever!

To ensure a smooth credit history repair, you need to ask your creditors to reduce the credit limits on your account so that, it lowers the amount of credit available.

Do not forget that the total amount of credit on your account is considered by lenders even if you owe nothing. You can ask a family member or friend to co-sign with you on a small loan or credit card, if you want a Credit history repair. And you should not fail to make your payments on time!

Get a secured credit card to re-establish your chances for a Credit history repair. Do not forget that you need to keep a certain amount of money in an account that will be enough to cover your charges. Let me emphasize here again that, you should always make your payments on time. Make sure you get a yearly report of your credit report and scan for any errors that may be present.

Finally, you can go to credit history repair clinics and consumer agencies to arrange a repayment plan for you and restructure your payments to fit your budget. However, always bear in mind that even if the creditor agrees to the plan, smaller payments and skipped payments will be counted against you.

If you made a friend or family member co-sign for you on a loan credit or credit card, do not forget that the person's credit will be affected by the payment history as well. So, make sure you make your payments on time. I wish you all the best in your Credit history repair process!

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