Fundia Capital Review
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Fundia Capital Review

Fundia Capital Small Business Loan Review

Name: Fundia Capital

Established: 2014

Lender Type: Loan Finding Service

Funding Locations: Nationwide

How To Apply: Online

Cost To Apply: FREE

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10 - Fundia Capital received an almost perfect score from us, and if it weren't for their funding cap of up to $250,000, they would have received a ten by our standards.

They don't have an application fee requirement, they give answers fast and can fund quickly, they have excellent customer service with outstanding online reviews, and their online presence makes them super accessible.

This company is a winner in my book and worth the time & effort to check out. Below is my Fundia Capital small business loan review, with the pros & cons I learned after completing my own research on this company.

Fundia Capital History

Founded in 2014, Fundia Capital is relatively new to the scene when compared to other places, but don't let that fool you. Their reputation for excellence in small business lending which they are now famous for has landed them features in The Miami Herald, ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, and The Boston Globe, so this company does not mess around.

If you are looking for same-day answers and a place with great rates that can get you funded fast with friendly service, Fundia Capital is worth researching.

Who Is A Fundia Capital Small Business Loan For?

Fundia Capitals products are for small business owners who need loans to purchase new equipment, for expanding or renovating, to get discounts on bulk supplies, to meet payroll and for paying taxes, or for consolidating debt, and on and on and on. They can provide funding for all of these needs, and they can give you an answer in as little as 2 hours from the time you hit submit on your application.

They can also fund your loan faster than most of the other online lenders, and this makes them perfect for the small business owners who need their financing in days and not weeks.

Fundia Capital is a credit-score driven company, and they require a 680 personal FICO score or higher to apply. If you have a high credit rating, and you are researching small business lenders with competitive interest rates, a loan with Fundia Capital may be what you need.

Why Is Fundia Capital Different?

Fundia Capital is different from most other small business lenders in many different ways, but the two biggest differences I have observed are:

a) they can find lending for startups, and

b) they require NO INCOME DOCUMENTATION to apply

Their program requires "stated income," meaning you will not have to provide the supporting documentation that many other lenders will require.

Stated Income loan applications rely on the complete honesty of the applicant. And ultimately your information will be researched and verified by the lenders with their investigative due diligence during the bank's review process, so you should always convey amounts that are 100% accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Fundia Capital Upfront Requirements

Fundia requires a 680 credit score. Their application is electronic, and they do not require income or supporting documentation or any fees to apply. If you have a 680 or higher FICO score, you are ready to apply.

Fundia Capital Business Eligibility Requirements

Per Fundia Capital's website:

"There are no formally specified minimums that are required on annual sales to become a client. The Fundia Capital program uses only STATED INCOME. Be that as it may, it is immensely crucial that you are honest in your business statements, and provided information as prospective banks will be contrasting your statements with their own investigative due diligence."

Aside from the 680 or better FICO score requirement, they do not have minimum eligibility criteria as this is a Stated Income loan program. However, stronger credit profiles and credit histories are held in high regard by banks, as this demonstrates you have been mindful of your personal credit management.

Banks want to see dependable repayment history over time, and the more established your credit history is, the more funding they will be willing to extend.

They will also contrast your statements with the results of their own investigations, so make sure the information you submit is accurate as this will help to move the process along faster.

Fundia Capital - Pros & Cons


-Startup Businesses Are OK

-Fast Application And Funding

-No Required Documentation To Apply (you just need 680 FICO score)

-No Collateral Requirements (unsecured loans)

-Competitive Interest Rates


-680 or Higher FICO Required (some may not qualify)

-Can Lend Only Up To $200,000 (limited loan amounts)

-Lines of Credit Only

-Newer Company

Fundia Capital Application Process

Fundia Capital has one of the fastest application processes compared to the other companies I have researched. It takes minutes to complete their online application, and they can get back to their clients with answers in as little as 2 hours. If you have a 680 or higher FICO score, you are ready to get started.

Where To Apply

Fundia Capital has partnered with Small Business Loan Reviews to give our visitors the unique ability to submit their application requests directly from our website.

Complete the form for Fundia on our website with your required information, and someone from their lending offices will be in touch with you right away with further details regarding your request. Let them know you were referred by us. They pay particular attention to all of our referrals and take excellent care of every single client we send their way. You are going to like this company, they do a fantastic job.

Final Thoughts On Fundia Capital

Fundia Capital may be a new player on the scene, but in just a short amount of time they have built quite the reputation for excellence in what they do.

It is hard to make everyone happy, but Fundia Capital has that act down to a science by the looks of things. Even the people they turn down are happy with the service they received, and that says a lot about a company in my opinion.

They have a perfect BBB rating, they provide impeccable customer service, and they have been around long enough for other people to report on these qualities. If Fundia Capital provided more in terms financing options or higher lending amounts, they would have received a perfect score according to the standards we hold here.

Fundia Capital Small Business Loan Review

Name: Fundia Capital

Established: 2014

Lender Type: Lender Finding Service

Funding Locations: Nationwide

How To Apply: Online

Cost To Apply: FREE

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10 - Fundia Capital received an almost perfect score, and if it weren't for the up to $250,000 maximum funding cap, they would receive a ten by our standards.

They don't have an application fee requirement, they give answers fast and can fund quickly, they have excellent customer service ratings with outstanding online reviews, and their online presence makes them super accessible. Again, this company is a winner in my book, and worth the time to check out.

Affiliate Disclosure: Fundia Capital

Fundia Capital is part of the small group of companies that we recommend here at Small Business Loan Reviews, and the small fee they pay us for referrals we send their way helps us with the costs to maintain this website so our reviews can be displayed here for free.

We only support companies we feel are the best at what they do, and Fundia Capital has earned enough of a reputation for us to consider them one of the best in the industry.

We have selected Fundia Capital as our sponsor because of their incredible customer service abilities, and because of their capacity to make small business lending look easy. Some of the older companies should watch out because the new kid here might kick their butts.

If you are looking for a company with fast turn times and excellent customer service, check out Fundia Capital. I highly recommend them, and I am confident you will feel the same way.

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