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Questions To Ask Your Bank To Find The Best Credit Card For Your Lifestyle
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If you are looking for the best credit card for your lifestyle, it’s rather difficult making a choice as there are hundreds of cards available in the market. These cards come with varying combinations of fees, benefits and interest rates. It’s thus better to ask the different banks for this information, so that you can compare them and choose the best card for yourself.

1. First of all, you have to ask the bank to find out how much of credit they are willing to give you. It is important that you know your credit limit, to ensure you don’t exceed your credit limit and pay unnecessary fees. Also find out if you will be charged for exceeding your credit limit, and how much.

2. Find out how much you have to pay the bank as APR (annual percentage rate) for using their credit card. In case the card does not charge any APR, check to ensure they don’t charge higher interest fees to compensate for this.Also find out what extra charges they charge like late payment fees, membership fees, over-the-limit fees and return check fees

3. Different banks not only charge varying interest rates for their credit cards, they also calculate theirinterest rates differently. Some of them calculate their interest on an annual basis and some of them, monthly.

4. Ask the bank how any change in contract that takes place in the bank is relayed to you. Most banks generally inform you via a letter. Find out if you have to pay any default rates for the card’s interest rates. If there is a default rate, also find out how the bank calculates it.

5. Ask the bank how often you will be sent account statements. It is generally better to have it sent to you on a monthly basis so that you can keep track of your expenses and not any atrocities in your bank account.

6. Ask if the bank has a fee for applying and for processing the credit card. Ideally, these charges should not exist.

7. Find out if the bank offers an introductory offer on the card’s interest rate and if it applies to purchases, balance transfers or both. Also find out how long the introductory offer lasts, so that you can budget your payments accordingly. Some cards also offer a maximum of 55 interest-free days for accounts that have cleared balances from the previous month.

Last, but not least, find out if the bank offers online banking facilities. Of course, banks that don’t provide online account access today are not worth doing business with. Online banking offers multiple benefits to you as you can use it to pay off bills on a weekly basis and thus keep your daily interest charges to a minimum.

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