Cops Or Criminals
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Before I begin I would just like to note that I am a regular person, (civilian). I am a person with an opinion based on my own experiences or have been witness to incidents that took place. I have witnessed several incidents of police taking courses of action that are against the law. I believe these actions are not required or necessary actions as a police officer.

I fully believe that way too many officers become power hungry and tend to skirt outside of their job description. Too many of the officers treat people unfairly, excessively harsh, and downright cruel. I understand that these men and women of the law must prevent criminal action and by doing so they have been put in many situations and have been treated horrible and also had to deal with terrible people. So, they are not very trusting of civilians. However, I have witnessed instances that an officer used excessive force, language, and even acted as if they were out to prove a point or get revenge, and has even done so without reason

The law is supposed to provide protection against others harming each other or themselves. They are not suppose to be judge and jury. They are suppose to be an unbiased, non - involved, third party that insures things do not get out of control. Yet recent news reports show that whenever officers are involved they cause most of the problems themselves making things worse and more dangerous

Yes, I do believe they have a tough job in the sense that their lives may be at risk. However, it is not always that way and they seem as if they are so frightened they have to shoot suspects to kill. They also beat and taser some after they have them subdued. They do not seem to know or care that there is a difference between upholding the law and being lawless in their actions. They know the course of action they take is going over the line but they don't care. Even if it means taking someone's life. They knew the situation, they just did it because they can and are never held accountable.They believe anyone else but cops deserve whatever they feel they want to do in that instance. Then they always have some lame excuse for doing whatever extreme action they took. Then they get away with, sometimes, cold blooded murder. I think it is ridiculous that they, (being only people too), have the ability to do whatever they want without any responsibility for their actions.

For example, it was maybe 5:00 P.M. on a normal weekday when I was outside with my son while he was riding his bike. I heard someone say, "hello", at a neighbor's house then I heard 3 gunshots. I told my son to get inside and I ran to the side of my house in time to see two probation officers on the outside of a closed gate, one pointing a gun at the neighbor's yard and their family dog shot and yelping squirming on the ground. My neighbor was crying and yelling," why did you do that I was coming to open the gate". The probation officer proceeded to put my neighbor in handcuffs. Preventing him from going to his dog. Making him lay on the ground, put his knee in his back and the other officer had their gun pointed at him. The wife came out screaming and of course all of the neighbors are now outside and watching. The officer got on the radio and called the sheriff to come with backup, there was a discharge of a weapon and an animal was involved. Meanwhile, they had my neighbor sitting just feet away from his pet watching it die.

When the sheriff arrived the 2 probation officers began explaining the situation and the owner said, "they didn't have to shot my dog.They were on the other side of a closed gate". The one officer said not to say another word or he was taking him in. The other probation officer was laughing about it. It was a disgusting display and every one of the other neighbors were saying, "that is not right", and," they should sue the department."

To add to the fury, the probation officers were not even there for them. Also, the officers not only shot one little dog and killed it but later, when taking their other dog to the vet, found out he had been shot by shrapnel also. I mean why did the officer feel threatened by 2 small to medium sized dogs on the other side of a closed gate. Why was it necessary to shoot 3 bullets in the gated area don't they have tasers or couldn't they just wait for the owner to put the dogs away?

All I could think was the woman usually had several of her grandchildren there until their parents came home from work. from age 1 to age 14. what if they had been trying to open the gate and shrapnal hit them. what if my child had been hit with shrapnel or a bullet that bounced off the cement they shot at?

Now I understand probation or parole officers may have to deal with situations where the criminal runs or they need to chase after them. However, the person did not even reside at this house. They had also had a conversation with my neighbors previously. THey had told the same officer just weeks before if they needed to come in just to call while outside and they would put the small dogs away so they could enter the premises.

This is a prime example of the careless and brutal behavior of most officers. Shall I mention the times where officers shot people and not have suspension without pay or be fired from their jobs. Cops are people too. They are made out to be heroes when they are nothing but men and women with weapons that hurt people and get angry just like the criminals they are suppose to be preventing from walking the streets.

It is so bad, that if I were in a situation I would not want to call the cops. In fear of what they might do to me or to the criminal. They are suppose to subdue the criminal or shoot if the criminal is hurting someone but not shoot them dead in the leg or any way to stop their actions and get their attention. Subdue and restrain and take to jail. Not kill the criminal then lash out at the victim. Don't get me wrong there are good cops out there. Those are the heroes. Not cops that make you fear them. The ones that make you feel safe.

There is also the problem that even if you do call the cops they do not get there until the danger is over or in the aftermath of a crime not during. So, it seems as if they are there to report not prevent. Then if someone does report a crime the officer always ask the victim questions that makes them feel as if they are making it up or that they did the crime. I heard an officer say one time that, " we are here to enforce the law not serve and protect. I thought they were here to serve and protect. That is what I was always taught.

Well, I sum it up as, what are we really going to do about it, we will not have the means to protect ourselves against them soon anyway because our own government is trying to take our right to own guns away from all citizens. The only ones affected by these laws will be the lawful citizens. The ones that have the legal right to defend themselves. Criminals will still get them illegally like they always have.

Cops are no better than normal law abiding citizens. They do not have the right to drive faster than the speed limit unless in a high speed chase and even then that is still dangerous and should be avoided if possible. They are not legally allowed to kill anyone unless their lives are in danger. Which by the way we are all suppose to have that right but if we "civilians" do it we will go to jail until it is proven our life was endangered and we tried every other measure before killing someone. However, cops do it everyday.

I found some alarming information at Wikipedia titled: "List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States". According to the information I read, the number of citizens that have killed cops is non -existent compared to the number of cops killing citizens. That is just the killings there is hundreds of other sources online that you can find that has video and documented cases of cops going too far and outside of their job description. The sad thing about all of this is even if the cops are found guilty they are not usually held accountable, if they do get punished with taking leave with pay, suspension with pay and so forth. Why should they stop being that way when it doesn't matter if they are.

I am a law abiding citizen. I live my life normally. I know my rights but I am not like ones you see on videos that provoke cops or try to prove that I can exercise my rights. Not enough of us citizen know or even care to know our rights because these people believe as long as they obey the laws then there is no reason they should be in these situations. More and more I am finding out that just simply is not true anymore and it is getting worse.

I am terrified of these criminals we call cops. I am sorry if anyone feels that is not true. Maybe more cops should show how they are trustworthy and that they are not as I describe. When I see more of them and less of the other cops I will fully edit all of this article but not until that happens.

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