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Recently the former head of the International Monetary Fund, Strauss Kahn Dominique, was arrested for the accusation that he molested a hotel worker, a housekeeper tending to his room. I understand that this is not uncommon. I know that hotel detectives keep their eyes on chambermaids as a precaution against attach. However, such surveillance comes after it is suspected that a hotel employee could be in danger.

Hotels can protect their employees by having them always keep doors open when they are working, to leave the room immediately if anyone enters, and never to clean a room even if she knows the occupant is the actual renter of the room. Hallway surveillance cameras should be monitored by hotel security.

A costly solution would be to give each female employee a button alert which could be worn around her neck just as old folks have such alert buttons if they fall to the floor or ground and need help. Some of these work if the person falls down whether or not he or she pushes the button. Many hotels do not allow female employees to service rooms or make deliveries to rooms at night. This is a very good measure.

Reports of sexual attacks on female hotel employees are fairly common. A man far from home (and the usual social constraints) may become infatuated by an employee and make advances to her. If he is aggressive, she will become frightened and try to leave the room, if she is not able to escape, she may be assaulted and or injured.

Some female employees work their way out of such situations and nothing comes of it. However, hotel security should be informed so they can monitor her steps as she cleans her block of rooms. Security will not want to be accused of making false accusations against a patron but they will want to protect their employees.

As for Strauss Kahn Dominique, he was arrested. Because the court decided he could not be trusted to remain in the country while trial proceedings went forth, he was arrested without bail. However, his attorney worked out a deal where he would be confined to his apartment with a monitor on his ankle. The bail was then set at one million dollars. There was a lot of criticism over the court's decision. The argument is that a person of less wealth would not have been allowed bail under any circumstances.

Hotel employees who are frightened excessively during an attack often suffer mental trauma which may prevent them from continuing hotel work. Some must be treated by professionals to remove the trauma. The defense always down-plays the circumstances of the attack. Many hotel maids do not speak English. The defense will say that all was just a big misunderstanding. Really!

In the case of Kobe Bryant, the maid was paid off when she dismissed the charges. You can bet your boots that the defense will use this tactic as a quick and easy (for a rich man) solution.

Some say the French think that Strauss Kahn Dominique was a victim of a setup. He was thinking about becoming the President of France. None of us out here in Idaho believe that story.

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