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Watch Out! There's A Thief About! Is Nowhere Safe Anymore?
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Watch Out! There\'s A Thief About! Is Nowhere Safe Anymore?

I just heard about this via my Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator who was informed by our local Police Station, so I believe it to be genuine. I think it just goes to show just how devious some thieves are and how careful we all need to be and should be a warning to us all.

This particular incident took place in the UK but could equally have happened anywhere else in the world. A lady was out shopping at a large shopping mall when she decided to pay a visit to the 'Ladies' conveniences. These facilities often have a hook for your coat or bag etc attached to the inside of the door.

Naturally feeling safe and secure in the locked environment of the cubicle, and being unaware of any threat or danger, she went about what needed to be done. Let's face it you can't relax in such a situation where can you?

Part-way through her visit, and while she was otherwise engaged, she was horrified to see a hand come over the door. Alarming enough in itself, but she was then even more shocked when the hand grabbed hold of her handbag and lifted it off the hook and over the cubicle door!

By the time she had 'made herself decent' and opened the door the bag snatcher was, unsurprisingly, nowhere to be seen. As soon as she was able to, she reported the incident to the store's Security Chief, who then informed the Store Manager. Unfortunately the thief was long gone by this time.

No one expected to hear any more of the stolen bag ever again.

However, a couple of days later she had a phone call from the Security Chief informing her that her stolen handbag had been located - but minus her purse. The Store Manager requested that she return to the store to collect the bag. A mutually convenient appointment was made.

She must have been so relieved to know that she would soon be reunited with her beloved handbag even if her cash, cards and other personal belongings were missing.

At the appointed time she presented herself to the Store manager who was very surprised to see her as neither he nor the Security Chief had contacted her. In fact her handbag had not been found so there was no reason for them to do so. Disappointed, puzzled and without her cherished handbag, she made her way home.

But, unfortunately, there was worse yet to come. While she was attending the 'appointment' her house had been burgled and her property stolen. It seems that the handbag snatcher had found her phone number and address among the belongings in her handbag and had phoned her pretending to be the store manager to make the bogus appointment.

The Police believe the thieves knew where she lived from details on her driving licence. They also think that the thief or thieves had then entered the premises without having to force entry by using her house keys which were also stolen along with the handbag. y getting her to attend the bogus appointment at the store they would have known exactly when she would be away and when the house would mostly likely be empty.

So, one unguarded moment led to this lady not only losing her handbag, along with its contents, but also having her home burgled too. An expensive shopping trip indeed!

Many people will be shocked at just how ingenious thieves, and in this case bag snatchers, have become. It seems that you should never let your guard down when out shopping, even when in what you believe to be in one of the most secure places. Women, more than men, are more at risk from this sort of theft as a trip to toilet always involves having to use a cubicle.

Men face other dangers too, such as putting a bag or package on a shelf or the floor and being distracted, giving our bag snatcher's partner the opportunity to do his dastardly deed. Men and women, equally, could have laptops taken from over the cubicle door.

Hanging a laptop bag on the door hook is something many of us would have done, particularly if the floor is wet and dirty. Modern laptops are a lot lighter than their predecessors so it wouldn't take a body builder to reach over and lift the bag off the hook and be away on their toes before the owner has any chance of giving chase.

This type of theft is a particularly nasty one as the thief strikes when we least expect it and are probably feeling safe and secure inside the locked cubicle. Unfortunately it does tend to make more people decide to stay home and shop on-line rather risk taking a trip to the shops. Which is a pity, as it makes things even tougher for the shop keepers. It also takes away the pleasure of spending time browsing the shops and stores for real.

But if you do decide to go shopping just keep in mind that there are a lot of desperate and smart criminals out there. It really does pay to be extra careful - wherever you are.

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Great article! Thank you for the warning.

  about 1 decade ago
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