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Why Do We Have Such High Statistics Of Sex Crimes In A Civilized Society
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Why Do We Have Such High Statistics Of Sex Crimes In A Civilized Society

The high rate of sexual assaults in our society are alarming. Sex crimes can range from sex assaults, to molesting, to rape, to abuse and incest. The latter being a generational crime the damages of which can pass down from generation to generation leaving a legacy of pain and destruction within the core family unit.

I want to briefly touch on the many facets that I believe are contributing to the acceleration of these sexual assaults and predation upon our women and children. These are not in any particular order:

Facet: The Laws - laws written for sex crimes only reflect the physical damages that is done to the victim. Laws often minimalize the offense as if it were nothing to be crying about. Most sex offenders never spend one day in jail.

Solution - In my opinion the laws need to be rewritten to reflect the actual damages done to victims physcially, emotionally, and mentally. The laws need to reflect in punishment the level of damages done to the victim based on current knowledge. Rape, Incest Punishments need to include death penalty. Laws need to stop minimalizing sex offenses and stop protecting the predators and start protecting the victims finally.

Facet: The Offenders - if rehabilitation is not working and they get out of jail if they even get sentenced, and do it again becoming repeat offenders who have shown by example they are predators and always will be ...

Solution - they need to be Euthanized like a rabid or terminally ill animal. Put the animal out of its misery and save future children and their children from suffering at the hands of this animal who preys upon our children. How cruel is it to keep a terminally ill dog alive when it cannot walk or hold its bowels or eat. You keep it alive for what reason because you don't have the heart to put it out of its misery even though that is exactly the right thing to do. Well, you don't have to personally do it but it should be done. Any person that finds him/herself living outside of society's norms and preys upon women and children sexually needs to be put to death. Not locked up where actually many offenders continue to torment their victim from prison.

Facet: Society - most victims of sex crimes are treated with disrepect, treated like they did something to deserve it, are shunned by society, are shamed by society.

Solution - We need to raise awareness about having compassion and acceptance and understanding for the victim and understanding of sex crimes. We need to create an awakening within society that embraces the victims and helps the victim towards healing and recovery. Most victims need more patience because of the debilitating state that many are in as they enter and journey through the intial stages of recovery. Many are terribly low functioning and can barely think clearly let alone function at high levels of competency. Society needs to stop casting shameful status on victims but also on people who help support crisis centers. One such supporter was cast in such a poor light due to sheer ignorance of co workers that he was treated like he only supported a womens crisis center because he must abuse women. HOW IGNORANT. So guess what he was shamed by his peers to stop giving checks to the local crisis center. So one person was trying to make a difference and another one out of ignorance stopped him.

Facet - Exploitation, either we will exploit our own sexuality for money or we will sell our own women and children or other women and children into human sex slave trade. Either way exploitation of self and others is a terrible and powerful facet to overcome. Everyone wants to make money not everyone wants to work at it and if we can make a quick buck exploiting ourselves ... well it brings me to the other side of this coin/facet which is worshipping the Almighty Dollar. Doing anything to anyone and ourselves for money.

Solution - Education, morals, raising ancient barbaric belief systems where slavery, abusing women and children and selling them into sex trade is acceptable to modern humanitarian belief systems. How to accomplish that is beyond my scope but somehow barbaric peoples who will kill children because they are not male heirs, or sell children to sex trade, or mutilate womens bodies because of a barbaric religious belief, or treat women like dogs is barbaric and inhumane.

Facet - The Victim, many victims never report the crimes. Many victims never get help and wind up suiciding and becoming a statistic or live tortured horrific destructive lives. Many victims who do seek help (and I have been told personally by several) the counseling helped but they still live tortured lives. The victim remains stuck in the pain of the past and acting out on damaged core beliefs and unknowingly passing countless damaging behaviors and beliefs down into their childrens generations without any knowledge or conscious realization of the silent damage being done. The victim has occasionally turned into a predator. The victim reaching out into society for help and getting osterocized or even fired from work for talking about it at work.

Solution - Encouragement and educating the victim on resources available in the community and educating on how to pick a counseler and types of treatments that are available. There are many resources available and lots of people are out there helping. If one counselor didn't do the trick ... find another one. Receiving help is paramount to recovery not only for yourself but for your children as well.

Like I stated early on these are my opinions and may not be right or all emcompassing however I think its time to have lots more discussion on all these facets if we really want to effect lasting change and stem the flow of predators and victims. Victims of abuse need support and help with healing.

From the trenches with love and encouragement

The Phoenix

Street Talk

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