4 Common Teeth Whitening Myths Unveiled & Aftercare Tips
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Before discussing about the teeth whitening myths or fallacies, let’s understand whether it is fruitful and has side effects in brief. Whether you will benefit from a professional whitening procedure or suffer adverse effects depends on the kind of treatment and dentist you choose. To be candid, opt for laser teeth bleaching procedures that use hydrogen peroxide gel (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide gives you the best results within a short period of time than the other over the counter products that are available now. However, there are some misconceptions surrounding it; so let’s read this article to understand some of these.

Misconception 1: Damages Your Enamel

No, this is not usually true. The bleaching ingredients used by professional dentists are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel. The chemical H2O2 is a good bleaching agent that transforms into water, releasing oxygen molecule during the chemical reaction when the gel is activated. We all know that both oxygen and water are safe and will not damage your enamel.

However, avoid using acidic products and always go for hydrogen peroxide that is pH balanced, implying it has no acidity levels.

Misconception 2: All Gels are Similar

This is a complete myth because carbamide peroxide makes your teeth brighter but acts very slowly. Doctors recommend the use of an accelerator light if you are opting for carbamide peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide on the contrary acts faster and produces better results.

Misconception 3: Very Risky

Not true at all! When it comes to your smile makeover, H2O2 has been recommended by dental professionals for several years. Most of the renowned and reputed dental organizations endorse hydrogen peroxide as a safe bleaching agent when used by adhering to certain safety precautions.

The possibility of safety or risk revolves around two aspects. If proper care is taken to avoid the exposure of your gums to the gel, there are no chances of any irritability or sensitivity. The time for which the gel is used should also be minimized to avoid risks.

Misconception 4: Need Special Mouthguard Trays for Best Results

No, this is not true. Though mouthguard trays are used and very expensive, modern cosmetic dentistry offers laser teeth whitening which doesn’t require the use of such trays. This procedure works better than trays and is trusted by dentists all over the world.

Though trays come in custom sizes are not always comfortable to wear. That’s because they need to be used for longer periods of time, sometimes weeks.

Some Aftercare Tips

Once the treatment is over, there are some aftercare tips that need to be followed. Here are they:

  • First of all, rinse the gel from your mouth and teeth thoroughly. Make sure you don’t swallow it.
  • Avoid smoking and eating colored foods immediately after the procedure. Also avoid red wine and beverages such as tea and coffee.
  • If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, start using desensitizing toothpaste after consulting your dentist. Your dentist will help you choose the right toothpaste.
  • If you feel any kind of pain or irritation in the gums, do not hesitate to consult an experienced dental professional.

So, if you have discolored or stained teeth, you can opt for professional teeth whitening without feeling skeptical.

About Luis:

Luis Henry is familiar with renowned and experienced dentists for several years. In this article, he has focused on some teeth whitening myths and after care tips. He has collected most of the information after discussing with some experts of teeth whitening in Rancho Cucamonga CA.

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