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Easy Slow Cooking For Winter
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Easy Slow Cooking for Winter

It's music to your ears. Dinner's ready! Something tempting in the slow cooker. It won't be fancy but it will be good.

To begin with let's take the idea of nice,easy elemental cooking up a notch.

Who doesn't like a nice,warm,comforting meal when they get home from work or practice or even school. Look no further than on the counter. It's just sitting there waiting for someone to scoop out it's goodness for all to enjoy.

Let's face it, when you're done with your day the last thing most of us want to do is make a big production dinner and with the slow cooker it just seems like one when you haven't had to even lift the lid and stir it for the entire time it was cooking.

All that wonderful food has been babysitting itself while you were hard at work. What a wonderful concept.

It doesn't even matter if you want something all around yummy like a good,hearty soup or something more substantial like ribs it can all be done with a few ingredients and of course just a little planning. After all it does need 8+ hours to prepare so just fix it up the night before and before you head out the door, cover it up, plug it in and don't think about while you go through your busy day.

One of the great things about your slow cooker is that in these less than optimal economic times the cheaper cuts of meat make the best slow cooked meals. Low and slow will bring the optimum flavor out of any tougher cut of meat or roast.

Now that we are speaking of cheaper cuts of meat, don't forget about just using some bones to add flavor to a slow cooked soup or pot of beans. You can't impart the flavor of a ham hock to a pot of beans in a microwave like you can in your slow cooker.YUMMY!

Now I know people say that the cooker is a pain to clean up after it's been used all day , that's where cooking spray comes in very handy. It won't break down after several hours of heat and will make your cleanup a breeze.

Since it's still winter in many places I know ya'll have got your cookers out for the stews and soups but don't forget they work just as well in the summertime because every once in a while you might have a hankering for some ribs or chicken but it's too dang hot to slave away in the kitchen.That's when it's time to pull out your cooker. It can cook all day long and never notice how hot it is because the kitchen has stayed cool while the cooker continues doing exactly what you want it to do, make an easy and tasty meal for you. So slow up and enjoy the cooking and as always don't forget to kiss the cook.

Street Talk

I love cooking with the crock pot! It makes all the meats tender & falling apart!

  about 9 years ago

My mother used to slow cook most meals. Especially with our family love for curries. Amd you are perfectly correct when you state that the cheaper cuts of meat make the perfect cuts for this type of cooking. Thanks for the great article.

  about 1 decade ago

My Mom loves to use a slow cooker to cook, but I always hate having to clean it when i am done. Thank you so much for the tip about the cooking spray before cooking. I am going to use that tip often. Happy slow cooking!

  about 1 decade ago
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