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Him And I; A Moth And A Butterfly
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Him and I, we're like a moth and a butterfly. We both come into this world in a state of infancy and we metamorphose into young adults.

It all starts in the caterpillar phase. We observe, we absorb and we grow as we learn from the world around us. On our journey from childhood to adolescence, we are cocooned by our families, friends, communities and societies. We are directly influenced by their values and beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, political leanings and assumed societal norms. We are completely enveloped in their shelter and we are comfortable in the security we are afforded within their embrace.

But it gets to the point where it is time for us to break free; to embrace the world in all its vastness and to explore, to discover, to consider the multitude of options.

It seems simple and straight forward, but is it really?

Yes, we both go through the same process, progress and mature accordingly, but are we really on the same track? Brought up in totally different environments, with differing ideals and world views, can we really come to terms on what matters most to us? We know we have common ground but will it be solid enough for us to jump on rather than just tiptoe around?

We belong to the same religion, we're members of the same nation, we're a part of the singular butterfly conservatory, but does that make us alike?

Our morals and ethics align, but they're not quite in sync with one another. He's officially in the butterfly zone and I'm in the moth zone. Does that make us too different to be together? We have our similarities, we have our differences, but overall, we are each unique in our own way.

Those closest to us say that we cannot coexist; that the moth and the butterfly will forever clash, but I know that's not true. How can it be, when all they're doing is labeling?

And what is a label anyway?

They brand us because they think it is better for us this way. We are better off living our own lives just as we were shown way back when we were still in our soft, fluffy cocoons. Our species has lived that way for centuries now - each sect to its own. But I ask, why?

Is it the intolerance that has seeped into our very existence, that has caused us to block others out of our lives solely on the interpretation of our perception? We seem to categorize one another based on our own social standing and what others have told us is the 'correct' thing to do.

We are anomalies him and I, but I think we have a chance.

That is, if none of our well meaning acquaintances sabotage the relationship.

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