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How To Get Back With Your Girlfriend
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How to Get Back with Your Girlfriend


Have you heard those awful words? They hurt, but they are completely normal, considering the normal reaction when your love suddenly wants to be your ex is exactly the wrong reaction.

Normally, when suddenly she says she wants to break up or you find her stuff gone when you get home is to go a little nuts.

All right – a LOT nuts.

You call her over and over and she won't answer.

You send her e-mails and wait for her answer. And wait. And wait.

It's CRAZY! You want to know WHY did she have to DO this to you. Your heart has been ripped out and stomped, still beating, on the floor. You could draw a chalk outline where it landed.

So you go drink a few and call her again. Maybe she answers but you can't really recall what all you said to her, but she didn't take it well. You remember THAT much.

Is this you? Do I have your number?

You are not the first to feel this and you are one of SO MANY that have done this and will do this, but it is the WRONG WAY to get her back.

To get your girlfriend back, you need to try some unorthodox stuff – at least it seems that way.

Get ready. Are you sitting down? Tell her breaking up was the right thing to do.

Now, give me her number.

I'm KIDDING! It seems like that is what would happen, doesn't it? It's like you are tossing her to the wolves, but look – she has already called a breakup. Let's try this because you already know what you are doing is not working.

Give her the space she is asking for. Leave her alone for a while. Let her cool off a bit, but it really should have the other effect.

This way you will give her a chance to start missing you. If you were together a long time, she may be missing you a lot. She might also be feeling like she made a mistake. Calling her up a lot will not let her explore that idea. It will make it seem like breaking up was the right thing to do because you are DESPERATE. You DON'T want to look desperate.

Get your strength together and be cool. Relax a little bit. Take a deep breath and assess yourself. There was something that was the initial attraction when you two got together, wasn't there? Do you know what that was? It is a strength in your favor. Work on it and dry up. Wash your face and clean up. You're hurt, but no matter how many zombie and vampire romantic movies there are out there, they really don't go for the reanimated dead. Don't look like one, okay?

Now – there is a strategy you need to employ and you can find it at the link below. Please put together a wise plan before you do this – but there is a way you can get your ex to call you.

Like everyone else, she is human. She has her own ego and face it – girls are curious. A good intrigue will get them every time. Now what you want to do is to pique her curiosity and stroke her ego at the same time.

Quit thinking about stroking!

Now, think about something she really did for you that you wholeheartedly appreciate, and especially something she might not think you noticed that she did.

Remember – you need to have a plan to follow this up! Now, call her and say something like this: “I REALLY appreciate what you did for me. It means a lot to me. I want to talk about it more face to face. Would you meet me at (time and place) and we can discuss it, maybe grab a drink or snack there?”

Now she is going to be wondering what she did that you appreciate. You have not asked her to come back to you at this point, and don't tell her what you are thanking her for. If you do, why would she come? She knows the secret then.

This is a powerful technique that will work if you didn't routinely lie to her. Shame on you if you did. Also, make doubly sure you have your strategy thought out before you meet with her because after you tell her you really appreciate her getting your car detailed, then what?

I hope you are nothing less than a well intentioned guy hoping to get back with your girlfriend. This information is not for stalkers, abusers, creepers, seekers of married women (except married to you) or such. No hype – I want to help. I have a blog associated with the site, just put /blog behind the web address when you get there and you can post feedback and let me know how well it went.

I hope to hear good news from you and I will post your feedback either way.

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