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The True American
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The True American

WARNING! Some of this material might be offensive to some readers, please exit out of the article if you are easily offended.

"I want some fried chicken!" - How would you take this statement? Is it just me or would I not be the only one to say, "That must be a black guy!" Does this make me racist, prejudice, hateful, judgmental or just plain ignorant? All of these answers are wrong, because I live in America and I was taught from a young age that this is the "norm". Rednecks practice incest, Asians can't drive and Indians stink. We are all shown these American stereotypes in our everyday lives, but only a few can admit this.The True American is hiding behind fear of judgement!

Okay! Lets get one thing straight, I don't believe all these statements to be true; furthermore, this is what influences our brains to pick and choose who our friends are. Is it really that bad to agree with some of these stereotypes?

What is the worst thing you have ever thought about when you saw an African American make a mistake, how about when you see a Mexican standing outside of Home Depot waiting for work? I can bet that you weren't thinking about the family Jose has to try and support or maybe Tyrone has it harder because of the color of his skin. Looking pass these things would be considered " Un-American!" That's bullshit! Its as American as it gets. We are a giant melting pot, we are the worlds experiment! We are what happens when people from all over the world come together and live as one. Hiding away the truth and shunning the people that are brave enough to say these things is hypocritical. I'm not saying "lets hate each other" but " lets laugh together."

I remember the first week of freshman year in high school. It was a new school in a more ghetto location; 90% Hispanic, 5% African American, 4% White and 1% Asian. I took a lot of shit for being Asian, getting made fun of with every racial slur invented for Chinese people. At first I took offense and took it all to heart, so one day i decided to strike back. I was told to go make someone a PlayStation by a Mexican dude named Jorge! pronounced (WHORE-HEY) My first instinct was to hit the guy but then something inside me told me to say, " Only after you cut my grass and edge up the lawn." For a second there was a silence of confusion, but at this raw moment it had been decided to become a game. A game of racial slurs and many low blows to what ever ethnic background the other person came from! It was history repeating itself but the one thing missing was the "Hate!" There was none of it, it was a battle of words and at the end was a bond built along with a hysterical laugh. The "Evolution of Racism" had been made in a high school class room. Of course there were the select few that couldn't handle the game and got all upset and made threats of beating people up, but i saw those guys as blind egotistical infants. These infants were unable to comprehend the reality of it al. They lost in the game of social growth and instead stayed on repeat mode of what might have been some left over emotions from their grand parents.

I do understand this is a touchy subject. My girlfriend isn't even supportive of this article. But it must be presented to the public, it's time to move forward and laugh at each others stereotypes.

Only the week minds can't see a joke when it's necessary. Of course I am going to laugh when I see a black guy working at a chicken place or a Chinese person's crappy grammar when they say "1 PE-POLE." It's the American characteristic built into me. So don't go hating me for laughing, hate your T.V., hate the media, hate the reality of what all these ethnic groups of people are doing, hate life and then go looking the mirror and hate yourself. Because that's all you're really doing, your just hating America! and that in itself is the " True American" way!

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  about 1 decade ago
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