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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Dating Russian Women Online
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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Russian Women Online

Dating Russian women is getting increasingly popular as more online dating agencies are created every year. With the increase of online dating agencies we would expect most members to be in successful long-term relationships. This is simply not the case as the majority of men are making some of the most common mistakes when dating Russian women. If you want to save the hassle and heartbreak of communicating with foreign women only to break up in the end then find out these top 5 mistakes to avoid when dating Russian women online.

Never Send Money Online

Sending money online to your lady no matter what circumstances she's in is a big no-no. The majority of men who send money to Russian women will never hear from them again. If she's asking for money to buy a visa or plane ticket to your country, get yourself to do it instead. If you find out that she's a scammer you can always get your money back from buying tickets at least. Don't give your heart out to them even if she's in dire circumstances. Russian women would never reveal how desperate they are since it's frowned upon in their culture.

Never Use Free International Dating Agencies

Never use international dating agencies which offer free memberships. The majority of mail order bride scams take place on free international dating agencies since there's no cost to the scammer to set up a profile and send messages to you, as well as the fact that these dating agencies don't have the necessary resources or systems in place to protect it's members. If you're going to invest in a serious long-term relationship with a foreign woman, overlooking agencies that have membership fees is not a good idea. Membership fees are vital to the successful operation of a reputable business which would offer it's members the greatest protection against scammers.

Always Do A Background Check On Your Woman

Even though choosing the right woman is one of the hardest choices you'll ever make on an international dating agency, you should always make sure that she's appears to what she says she is. Trust is paramount to any successful relationship and before any man can settle down with his lady he should carry out a thorough background check on her. You don't need to hire a private investigator to find out who she really is. All you have to do is to type her name, contact details and profile details on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. If she's listed on several websites, this could mean that she maybe dating other men. If she's listed on a blacklist for scammers then you should end the relationship immediately and find someone else. By doing a simple background search on your woman you may just save the bank as well as your heart.

Don't Meet Only One Woman

Men often make the mistake of searching for only one woman to converse with. The problem with this is that you are limiting your chances of meeting the right woman to have a long-term relationship with. Make a list of several women you have a close relationship and meet them to see who's most compatible with you. Going on Romance tours is recommended as you have the chance to meet many women to converse with.

Research International Dating Agencies Thoroughly

Just as you would do a background check on your woman you should also research international dating agencies thoroughly. Check out reviews of dating agencies from current or former members to get the lowdown on how well the agency conducts it's business and whether or not bad practices occur. All international dating agencies no matter how long they've been in business have drawbacks but choosing the one with the least drawbacks is always the wiser decision.

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