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A Sailing Charter - Where, When And How
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A Sailing Charter  -  Where, When And How

When you have decided to take the step to book a charter boat for your vacation there are many things you need to consider. From experience I know that the boating holiday is not for every one which is just as well because if it was, the islands and its idyllic bays would be like a gridlocked highway.

How Many Of You

Firstly you must decide who is going to be joining you. Are you planning to go with just the family or is it a boat load of partying friends you are thinking of taking. The amount of people going will determine the size of the yacht you will require. Today’s standard 40 ft-50ft yacht will usually have 3 cabins, each with a double or 2 single bunks, so that’s about 6 people.

You must also decide if it’s a motor yacht or sailing yacht that grabs your fancy.

Your Cruising Ground

The next important decision is where your choice of cruising ground will be. If time is short you will want to get to your destination in the quickest possible time. Getting to most of the islands usually takes two flights and often includes a taxi and ferry ride. This is all part of the fun but if this is your first charter keep it simple. You don’t want to start your fantastic adventure completely exhausted and very grumpy. Of coarse if you are in the Caribbean a Pina Colada or two will help fix that, no problem mon

British Virgin Islands

The BVI’s is my first choice of destination. These are the safest and best cruising grounds the world has to offer. The weather is great, the diving and snorkeling fantastic, the scenery stunning and the sailing incredible.

By starting off in these real rum soaked Caribbean islands you are guarantees a sailing adventure you will never forget.

The Mediterranean

There are also some great locations in the Mediterranean and my favorite place must be the Ionian Sea in Greece. This area is protected from bad weather, has lots of history and great sailing.

Bareboat Or Crew Boat

Obviously if you are new to the boating and chartering game getting a crewed boat is what you will need to do. Even experienced boaters come on a crewed charter boat for there first trip – to spy out the land so to speak – and then return the next time to tackle a bareboat trip.

A Single Cabin

If you can’t find enough people to go with you don’t worry. There are charter boat companies that do offer just a single cabin and fill the remaining cabins with other guests. This may sound scary going to live in close company with people you have never met and also being confined on a small boat.

Some of the most fun and memorable charters we have done, have been with these mixed groups. Because everyone is on the same wave length and have a common sailing interest at heart, these charters work out very well.

Boat Shows

There are more things to consider before you book your charter. If there is a boat show nearby go and visit it and speak to some of the charter boat brokers there. You will get lots of helpful information from them that will enable you to make an informed decision.

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