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British Virgin Island Sailboat Cruise - Days Three And Four
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British Virgin Island Sailboat Cruise  -  Days Three And Four

Hi, we are on a sailboat charter in British Virgin Island and getting ready for our third day of fun.

Day Three

We have had our breakfast of farm fresh fruit salad and also maple syrup smothered muffins and we are now motoring on a calm sea.

There is no wind yet this morning and that is perfect for us because we are heading for the dive site of the wreck of the RMS Rhone.

A Hurricane

On the morning of the 29th October 1867 the RoyalMail Steamer was at anchor in Great Harbour Bay,Peter Island riding out a hurricane. When it was thought that the hurricane had passed, the ship left its anchorage and headed out to sea.

Unfortunately the calm they were in was the eye of the storm and as the ship set off, the second half of the hurricane arrived.The Rhone was wrecked on the rocks at Salt Island breaking in two and sinking, taking most of her passengers and crew down with her.

Dive or Snorkel

The conditions are fantastic for diving and snorkeling this morning with the water visibility about 100ft. We pick up a mooring buoy placed over the Rhone and are will now prepare ouselves to enter the warm tropical sea.

I will lead the divers and our hostese the snorkelers.

We descend to about 70ft and swim around the front section of the wreck that is lying in the sand onits side. Next we enter the hull through a large hole and the beauty of the 150 year old coral takes our breath away. Every type of tropical fish, sea creatures, hard and soft coral that lives in the Caribbean has made a home here.

We exit the hull where the ship broke in two and swim slowy to the stern section in the shallower water meeting up with the snorkeling guys.


After quick motor to Wegeo Bay, Cooper Island we settle down for our smoked salmon lunch. We are all stillvery excited from our dive and snorkel and cannot but marvel at how beautiful it all is.

With lunch over we hoist sail and head for The Baths on the southwest end of the island Virgin Gorda.

As we approach the bay the size of the huge rocks lying haphazardly along the snow white sandy shore in and out of the water is spellbinding.

If you want to take amazing photographs this is the place as we now spend the afternoon exploring the large pools and huge amphitheaters that have been created by these various odd shaped granite boulders.

Night Three

Leaving The Baths behind us we are now sailing north up the Virgin Island coast, past the Dog Islands,and through the shallow damatic scenic entrance between Mosquito and virgin Islands, into the world famouse North Sound. There are no words to describe the sensational beauty that we see unfolding before us.

Tonight we will spend tied to the dock at Leverick Bay. First a fillet mignon steak dinner on board and then off to the open bar at the resort for live Caribbean music and dancing.

Day Four

This morning we spent getting to know the Virgin Gorda sound. We sail across to The Bitter End, do a little shopping and take the ferry across to Saba Rock. Here we enjoy checking out the other yachts doing their thing and of coarse quench our thirst with a long ice cold Carib Beer.

Now after a satisfying Caribbean salad lunch we are heading to the coral limestone almost barren island named Anegada.. We are sailing across open flat clear water at 9 to 10 knots on a 2 hour run. You cannot get better sailing than this. We are living the Dream.

You ask me why we came here to spend the night. Having just completed navigating the narrow entrance channel lined with coral heads, we find the anchorage full of boats and also the few insignificant restaurant buildings along the shore makes it all seem a little unimpressive.

Giant Lobster

Anagada is the island known for having the best and biggest Caribbean lobsters.Tonight we will have dinner ashore I explain and then smile at your happy reaction.

Firstly I organise a ride across the island to the wild side and we spend the afternoon snorkeling and exploring this isolated rugged piece of coast line.Sting rays, bar jacks, turtles ,monster sea fans, nursesharks and shy lobsters is what we see here.

Night Four

It is now 8.00 pm and we are off in the dinghy to fulfill out destiny with the giant, mouth watering barbecued Caribbean lobsters.

So lets be rockin mon.

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