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Traveling The World - Two Popular Ways To Travel
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Traveling the World  -  Two Popular Ways to Travel

Travelling the World - Two Popular Ways to Travel

Travelling the world is exciting. Two popular ways to travel the world is by air and cruising. These two ways are reasonable, economical and accessible to individuals who desire to travel. Travelling by air or cruising give travelers opportunities to unwind from the daily grind of job, duties and responsibilities.

*Cruising - Travelling by boat is fantastic. It is like a floating city on the water. Everything that individuals expect, want and need can be found on a cruise ship. Cruises originate from popular ports of call and usually offer cruises anywhere from one day to two weeks. The cabins on cruise ships are extravagant to normal depending on the deck on which you will be staying. The cusine offered is delightful and outstanding. Different types of food are offered that caters to every palate. There is entertainment galore, nightly. Normally before guests disembark they are informed about activities that they can participate in while on shore. Before you go on a cuise you must have a valid passport in order to reenter the USA due to Homeland Security regulations.

*Travel By Air - Travel by air can be a good experience. Before you go, you need to have a current passport. Along with your passport, pack lots of patience. Arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Before you board the airline you will have to go through TSA security procedures so be prepared. Your flight may be short or long but most of the flight attendants are friendly. attentive and helpful. While in flight you may do any number of things such as work on your laptop after the captain says it is okay to operate electronic devices, you many choose to sleep (especially on long flights) and if it is cold inside the cabin you may request a blanket, you may decide to read airline literature that is found at the rear of the seats, or just simply relax until you have reached your destination.

If you have a desire to travel by air or cruise, I say go for it. Travelling can be wonderful and worry free.. Travelling will not break your budget. There are lots of travel agencies and websites that offer terrific, even last minute travel deals. Also, senior citizens can ask for the senior discount rate prior to booking. Different activities are offered on cruises both on board and off board. Most destinations welcome guests and tourists and offer plenty of amenities and activities for one and all, young and old.

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Yes, if your thinking of traveling, definitely go for it. I finally made it to China after many years of just sitting and thinking about it. Traveling was much easier then I imagined. I like your article, now I want to try a cruise. Develop a smile and have a terrific day, Garry

  about 1 decade ago
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