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Forex Bulletproof Review - The Truth About Forex Bullet Proof
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In a Forex robot trader marketplace that is saturated with dime-a-dozen automatic Forex trading systems that offer high returns with the extreme risk of wiping out your trading account, there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Forex Bulletproof bucks the trend of promising 100% returns in a matter of days or weeks, and offers a safe and consistent return on your investment instead.

Forex Bulletproof is designed to empower every Forex trader to earn the expected returns of the system, regardless of their level of Forex robot trader experience. By the end of this review, you will understand why Forex Bulletproof has my highest recommendation compared to any other of the many automatic Forex trading systems out there in the market.

Forex Bulletproof is the private trading system of Steve C., and has been in operation for the last 6 years. Compared to the majority of Forex robot traders out there that promises 100% returns in a matter of weeks or even days, Steve has designed Forex Bulletproof to have a lower return 5% a month to eliminate the possibility of the dreaded account blowouts that plague other automatic Forex trading systems.

It's a good habit to be wary of any advertised trading results and rates of return, which is why I independently verify these before recommending any system. Based on my own personal testing, here's what I experienced:

1. Safe & Consistent Returns Month After Month

Forex Bulletproof is true to the 5% a month expected return on investment that it advertises on its website. In my live testing of Forex Bulletproof to date, I have not encountered a losing week, and the returns have been a steady 1-2% a week.

Obviously, there will be months when the returns are slightly more or slightly less than 5%, but it all evens out over time. Given that Forex Bulletproof has an inbuilt money management system that adapts to the account equity available, you will experience the positive benefits of compounding as well.

2. Low Trading Frequency

In the first few weeks of operating Forex Bulletproof, it made so few trades that I thought it was broken. No doubt, we're all used to the typical Forex robot traders that trade dozens of times a day regardless of market volatility or trading times.

What I did find after weeks of running Forex Bulletproof was that this low trading frequency was how it avoided the whipsaw trades that often happen between trading sessions. Another inbuilt function that Forex Bulletproof has is a volatility predictor that keeps it out of major news releases and the freak moves that often follow them. All these factors work together to preserve the safety and consistency of your trading profits.

3. Live Support & Comprehensive Video Tutorials

Remember I said that I thought Forex Bulletproof was broken because of its low trade frequency? Well I emailed the Forex Bulletproof support team and received a reply the very same day that having no trades for hours at a time was entirely normal. That did a lot of good for my peace of mind: rather than worrying that the system was broken, I was able to focus on my energy and attention on more productive activities and then sleep easy at night.

I personally found the video tutorials that they prepared very comprehensive and helpful as well. It took all the confusion out of my installation and setup, and prevented me from making any account damaging mistakes as well.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with what I got from Forex Bulletproof in terms of results and support, and you should know that I actually paid full price for my copy of Forex Bulletproof. I didn't get one of the 'beta review copies' given away at the start. I made the decision to get Forex Bulletproof based on real research and followed it up with lengthy demo account testing. I highly recommend Forex Bulletproof if you want a safe and consistent automatic Forex trading system that will stay profitable for the long term, and doesn't risk blowing out your trading account with a couple of bad trades.

Thad B. is a Professional Trading Systems Developer who has developed and managed dozens of profitable trading system over the years for a private hedge fund. Forex trading systems are his passion and expertise, and he has a wealth of helpful resources available for any serious Forex systems trader.

Forex Bulletproof is one of Thad's Highly Recommended Forex Robot Traders. If you are looking for a Forex Robot Trader that will return a safe and consistent profit without the risk of blowing out your trading account, Get Forex Bulletproof Today!

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