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Retaining Customers Through Great Customer Service
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Retaining Customers Through Great Customer Service

Most business owners are aware that it is much easier to keep existing customers than to find new customers. A lot more time, energy and effort goes into finding a new customer. You already have an existing customer within your grasp. Don’t let them go! Hold onto them gently using exceptional customer service! It isn’t the best product on the planet that will hold onto your customers. It is amazing customer service that will.

It may take going through several new customers to find the ones who are a pleasure to serve, and turn out to be profitable at the same time. It is kind of like the process used to find pearls. Imagine you have a bucketful of oysters to open. Each one promises the potential of finding a pearl, but few will actually contain a pearl of value. You may have to open many oysters to find that pearl, but once found it was worth all the time you spent looking for it.

The pearl is a good customer. Treat the pearl (customer) with the respect it deserves. Treasure it. One found pearl is worth more than another bucket full of oyster shells. You have already done the work to find the pearl. Don’t discard it or trade it for another bucket of oysters. Keep your valued customers. Treat them well. Don’t drop them and go looking for new customers to take their place.

Remember that your returning customers may be more in love with your customer service than with your product or service your company offers. Customers don’t mind paying more for a good product/service when they know it is delivered with the best customer service available. Be that company. Be the company that customers can’t wait to do business with again.

People remember how they were treated. People remember the emotions they felt when they were waited on hand and foot. Or they remember when they were made to feel important and almost as if they were royalty. They will tell all of their friends. Do what you need to do to be that company that people brag about. That is exactly what you want.

The same is true with poor customer service, and unfortunately the repercussions are long-lasting. People receiving poor customer service will tell all their friends. They will warn everyone they know not to do business at your establishment. That is exactly what you don’t want.

When analyzing your business to see where you need to improve your customer relations, first eliminate things that would dissatisfy your customers. Those need to be taken care of first. Only after that has been done, can you effectively find ways to invest in satisfying them. In other words, remove the thorns from the rosebushes that would scratch, irritate and annoy your customers before you present them with amazingly beautiful roses from your rose garden.

If you are thinking of opening a Lethbridge SEO business, you should open doors of good communication with your customers. Customers love feeling loved. Customers love feeling taken care of and cherished. In Lethbridge, SEO is an industry where it's important that you to make good relations with your customers. You can do this by finding out how your customers would feel loved and important and then implement that strategy into your business relations with all your customers. Remember, a loved customer is a returning customer.

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