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What A Boss Is Suppose To Be And What He Really Is
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A boss is someone who is suppose to handle a group of employees by treating them as a team but also by making sure is ever buddy is happy. By doing this the work gets done not only quickly but effectively. This not only brings value to the company but also respect between the boss and the employees. Also once a higher position is open the most experienced employee gets it.

This was true twenty years ago today I believe that every boss is out for the good of themselves to put money into their pocket. They will do this by slowly eliminating benefits and raises. By making up for those they get rid of they put more work on existing employees without any compensation.

A Boss today will also hire someone they know. This makes me think what about all of the students in college who are spending thousands to be there to get the experience for jobs. How is it that when a new boss comes in he will get rid of positions and then fill them in with people he knows. The best part is when the new employees come in they have to be trained for months for a position that one of the experienced employees could have learned in a week.

This process of choosing employees on the bases of who you know is also making jobs fail. Most bosses who bring in their friends to work will most likely let them slack and give more work to someone else. This will lead another employee to quit and the boss hires two people who now don’t know what they’re doing.

A boss today most likely when they hire their friends won’t tell them that the job is customer service related. What if that person doesn’t handle a customer right not only does that customer not come back but he or she also makes sure their friends know. That company has just lost 10 to 20 customers.

Twenty years ago it was very hard to know what was going on around you in the work place. Today it is impossible not know what is going on. You can try to avoid knowing but it will find you. How you ask?, “because of social networks”. Many of us when we get home go on are facebook, twitter, and any other social network. We not only twitter about are day but see what every buddy else is saying. This is another way for a business to lose thousandths of customers.

In a recession it is very difficult to find faithful bosses. This is because bosses know that people are looking for jobs and employees know they can be replaced. It is during a recession that most people find out what they are made of because a recession can make an individual work harder for what they want. During the good economics time you can walk down the street and get a job this made people neglect their jobs and do what they wanted.

Now that the United States is in a recession the bosses have the upper hand. Most employees will do more then what they were hired to because they are afraid to lose their jobs. This makes a boss take advantage of his employees. Every day I try to make people remember the good in everything and that we have been through recessions and will get through the one were in now.

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