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What Is Good Customer Service - Do You Water Your Garden Or Do You Poison It?
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I like to compare Good Customer Service to watering your garden; why you ask? It's simple, if you water your garden it grows, just like your business will with great Customer Service. If you don't provide great Customer Service it is like poisoning your garden; your business will die, slowly but die nonetheless! If you don't think so, ask yourself how you felt the last time you were treated like crap, (yes I said crap) at a store, at an online store, drive through, etc.

Maybe crap isn't the politically correct way, or the classy way, or the professional way to put it; but we all can relate to crap pure and simple. The bottom line is...would you go to that establishment again if you could avoid it? I know I wouldn't, and depending on what you sell, who your competition is, and how many stores carry what you sell, bad Customer Service can and will ruin your business whether you have a brick and mortar store, or you sell online only, or both.

In my opinion, some business owners who sell online only may not dwell on good Customer Service as much as their brick and mortar counterpart. Why? I think it is because they are not normally face to face with their customer. Let's be honest, it is much easier to write an email, then to look your customer in the eye and tell them they should have read your policies before buying.

So what is good Customer Service? I would tell you to ask yourself and your potential customers a few questions before you determine your policies.

Questions such as:

1.) When you go to any establishment why do you choose to go there?

2.) How do you like to be treated?

3.) Do you shop where shipping is free, or do you look at all the attributes of the business?

4.) Do you prefer money back or exchange only, or do you want a choice when you return an item?

5.) Can you return an item?

6.) Is quality more important than price, or does both matter?

It is important to really understand why you go back, and why customers go back over and over again to the same places, this information will help you determine your Customer Service Policies to put in place.

I know I was always raised with the saying "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar!" Something as simple as saying "Let me see what we can do for you", instead of " No we can't do that" makes a world of difference. Plus remember your good manners, look up the word if you don't understand manners! You know...thank you, you are welcome, I will be happy to, etc. To this day I will not go to a fast food chain by my house because they never say "Thank You" in the drive thru. I will not pay a dime to be treated with disrespect. I will even pay more for the same item if I am treated well.

To wrap it up, always treat people well, treat them as you would want to be treated when you shop online and offline. Never treat people like they are not important, do not be rude or demeaning. Send some type of small thank you with your orders. Do what you can within your means to go the extra mile, and as your business grows, expand on that.

I will end this with a quote from Abraham Lincoln: "I will prepare and someday my chance will come." Is your business prepared when your chance to make a customer happy comes? Can your staff answer the question: What is Good Customer Service?

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