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Bmx - Basic Tricks
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Bmx   -   Basic Tricks

I believe that having the freedom to ride a bike, and the feeling of enjoyment while your riding is a very beautiful thing. Weather if your riding to do tricks, riding to break a sweat, or just going on a joy ride to go to the store it's really one of the best things in life. BMX is personally my thing, i love doing tricks , and i enjoy just hanging out with the pros and/or my friends while riding.

I have great memories when all my friends use to ride , and if your reading this i bet you have to. I bet your asking yourself "when is this jerk gonna teach me something" I apologize if i keep blabbing on , but lets get to the point.

The first thing I' am gonna assume if your reading this is you know how to ride a bike in general. The second thing is if your gonna learn anything I' am about to teach you must practice and be consistent. If you ever want to become pro or even an amateur rider you must try hard , and also wear safety gear to especially a helmet. I care about your consistency because that's where a lot of beginning riders make there first mistake. So here is the list of tricks I' am going to teach you

Bmx Tricks

Fakie/Rollout : This is when your rolling out backwards , and shifting your direction forwards. First thing is find a area or place where the ground is kind of slanted (like your drive way) just for easy practice. You want to make sure that your comfortable where your footing is on your pedals. So if your right foot forward or left foot forward make sure that's your footing (this applies to almost EVERY TRICK YOU DO). Ride your bike up your drive way , go to the spot you wanna push yourself from, and what i mean by that it your going to lean straight forward against this spot. When this happens your back tire should rise upwards. Next you want to push off from this spot , and at that point you should be going backwards. This is the tricky part, now what i suggest is that if your right foot forward i would actually try rolling out towards the left (because when you start to learn 180s you'll start leaning toward the left a bit when you want to roll out).

Whats gonna happen is your gonna have to pedal backwards as you go backwards so get use to that. As your going backwards your going to turn your handle bars to the right so you'd be going in the left direction , then when your ready to fully turn your bars left and you should have landed it. You don't have to do this at first , to get the feel of it you can crank your pedals a little bit as your turning so you have momentum. If your still stumped on how to do this you can learn quicker by watching someone else do it on you tube . So in easier context ride up , push forward , ride backwards, roll out. Its like that song from ludacris ROLL OUT!! jk jk. Next..

180 Roll out:This trick is cool because when you get better your gonna be using this trick a lot when your riding street/ or park. Now then what you want to do is know how to bunny hop/ bronco. If you don't know how whats so ever I'll tell you. Its very easy all you have to do is pull up. The higher you are the more you wanna even out your bike. If your not landing evenly a lot of the time or if your back is never quite even in the air with your front tire , what would suggest to you is start jumping safe, and small gaps. Seriously grab a piece of 4x4 and start hopping over it. Its not much but its progress be proud of that you can start hopping bigger gaps as time goes on. So what you want to do is have your right foot set up (right foot/left foot forward). Ride your bike on just regular pavement, get a little speed, bronco while yanking your bike with you towards the right ( or left ).

You must land straight or you'll roll out all screwed up/ not land at all. The best tip i can give you is your head toward the direction your going in. When you learn a 360 the same turn your head thing will apply. If you have trouble with the as well you can see what this looks like on you tube. Next..

Manual: This is my favorite trick of all the basic ones because it looks cool and you can link tricks in to manuals and ect the possibilities are end less :). Anyways what you want to do is lift your bars up and lean back. Well this is what you'll be doing at first , but if you wanna do long manuals your gonna have to pump your knees while also keeping your bars up with your arm strength. So lets say you were riding and you wanted to show off a long manual to your girlfriend . You don't wanna loose balance because that's embarrassing, if you didn't realize it you figured out they key to manualing is balance!

You want to pump with your knees to make your bike go up and leverage the balance as well, while keeping your arms where there at. This trick is hard to explain , you have to try it for yourself to understand what pumping is , and just to get the feel of it of course.

These are the basic tricks to learn, what i just taught you are the key elements in what BMX is all about. All the tricks that are on these page are basic tricks that will set you into doing even more technical tricks. BMX is very fun , but don't forget that safety comes first as well. I would suggest wearing a helmet again usually , and when you go places bring tools, aid kit, water, and a friend just in case. Bringing a friend also is good because your more motivated to try different tricks you wouldn't before.Also if you need help on trying to find the right bike parts and/or bikes I' am making a blog shortly on that so you wont buy crappy parts that break in a week. There are so many little problems that happen with bikes, it gets frustrating trust me i been there done that. Have fun with your new found insight on how to do tricks, until next time. -Jeremy

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