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DIY E Bikes
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DIY E Bikes

Ever Want an E-Bike?

Forget expensive electric bicycles. We can buy bicycle engine conversion kits and we can DIY e-bikes. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. No Joke. I have wanted an electric bike for some time now and have not been able to afford one because they can cost $2500.00. But, I found out you can buy a e-bike kit and convert your bike to electric in a couple of hours. Or you can hire a bicycle mechanic to do it for you and still save money.

There are companies who offer hand-built (in the USA) conversion kits with absolutely everything you need in a box. That is all you need to convert your conventional bike. You can convert your current bike or do as I plan to do and buy a good used conventional bike and convert it.

You can get a conversion kit and battery pack that can hit speeds up to 30 mph with a range of 12-34 miles depending on your wheel sizes, your weight, your input, and your battery and motor combination. The charging time is 4 hours - 8 hours depending on charger and battery type.

You will typically get more range from a Li-ion battery ( about 20 miles) and it is lighter than a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery which has a range of about 5 miles. However a SLA battery is fine for someone who is planning on riding about 5 miles a day.

These kits come with either a switch to manually turn the motor on and off as you want the extra help, or with a sensor that senses when you are pedaling harder and comes on automatically. I think I want the one with a sensor so I don't need to switch it on goin up the hills. LOL.

Make Sure Your Bike Is Suitable for Conversion

You will want to make sure you bike is suitable for conversion. You can see a video on my website that will explain what features your bike needs in order to be converted. This video outlines the necessary requirements an existing bicycle must have in order to accept a conversion kit. There is a video for each type of e-bike kit showing you step by step how to install the kits by watching the experts do it, so you can DIY e-bikes for yourself or your family with these bicycle engine conversion kits. Here is a discussion all about DIY e-bikes.

I plan on having a bike mechanic install my conversion kit as soon as I find a good used bike!

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