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E - Bikes: The Green Way To Ride
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E  -  bikes: The Green Way to Ride

Okay, so you just got done watching a documentary on global warming or something, right? Carbon Nation or Gashole, maybe?

Or maybe you were offered a delicious treat by a co-worker only to be informed after devouring it that it was a grass fed, pesticide free, organic, raw vegan, microbiotic, this-that-or-the-other plant based piece of heaven! Who knew, right?

No, I know what it was. You just discovered some hidden gem of information revealing some super economic, efficient, sustainable, renewable, reuseable( and simultaneously disposeable) way of eliminating the need for toilet paper! What did people use before toilet paper, anyway? [shutter]

I'm getting close, right?

Whatever it is, you've obviously decided to get green and make a difference. If you're reading this then you've already read the title so it's safe to say that you know the deal.

There's no need to sell you on the concept of clean travel. Electric bicycles do all the selling themselves... but let's give it a shot anyway.

Allow me to address the twenty pound elephant in the room.

They're cheap!

Perhaps the most compelling arguement in favor of electric bicycles are the price. E-bikes are one of the most financially sound modes of transportation a person can choose, just shy of riding a horse! Unless you don't mind the ever increasing milage on your sneakers, that is. And gas prices tend to go up or down at a moments notice, while electric bicycle motors have the wonderful benefit of costing mere pennies to operate. Initial purchase prices can range from several hundred dollars for electric conversion kits, to several thousand dollars for higher end electric conversion kits or factory made electric bicycles. Either option is a considerable bonus considering and comparing the purchase price and operating costs of even a modestly priced automobile.

E-bikes are hybrids, too!

Yes, 100 percent of all electric bicycles are hybrids! No, they don't switch from gas to electric, but when there's a steep hill in front of me or if I'm carrying a load I don't hesitate to switch my electric bike from me-power to e-power. Learn something new everyday, right?

Zero carbon footprint

After an electric bike is manufactured the everyday use and maintainance of the bike is as green as can be. Even the electricity needed to charge the battery can be produced in a free, renewable, and earth-friendly way.

Not even mentioning the benefits to your physical health, riding electric bicycles are the easy, cheap, clean, and green way to go.

While e-bikes continue to rise in popularity they are still in no danger of becoming an impulse buy for most people. There are many online retailers and many sources of research should you choose to purchase one. No big deal. though. By riding an e-bike you'll only be repairing the hole in the ozone layer, reversing global warming, solving world hunger, curing cancer, and turning Coke into Pepsi!

Or not.

There's that, too.

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