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Ballet Muscles - Get That Ballet Ability
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Many wanna be dancers wonder about ballet and the muscles they might get from dancers daily, or weekly exercise. The fact is, ballet develops wonderfully strong muscles, if learned correctly. If you want to take ballet and only have the time and money for once a week classes, you have chosen a very healthy style of exercise.

Does Ballet Make You Thin?

You be it does! Ballet promotes both calorie burning and muscle building. This is because dancers daily exercises burn the "fastest twitch" muscle fibers. The slow, intense developpes that build up to high leg extensions, exhaust the muscle fibers that will build up, increasing in size and strength.

These slow burn type of ballet movements trigger a cascade of cellular activity that tells the body to INCREASE the size of the muscle fibers. Yet these exercises do not have to be done every day to be effective!

Increased muscle mass boosts metabolism, burning more calories while you are in recovery from exertion, and even sleeping. This is an anti aging form of exercise. This style of controlled intense exercise also promotes deeper sleep, which also helps you stay thin.

Deeper sleep decreases the activity of stress chemicals like cortisol. Lack of sleep, however, has shown to promote weight gain. This result is related to endocrine imbalances.

Will I Get Bulky Muscles From Doing Ballet?

Some people will genetically build muscle with a little more shape than others. But even if you are one of these body types, ballet is your best chance for building long and lean muscle.

Similar to Pilates, which was designed from ballet movements, ballet positions are all based on a long, elongated use of the legs, torso and arms. In fact, ballet is sometimes taught (mistakenly) with far too much muscle tension, more than is needed to dance and move gracefully.

Ballet positions need a certain amount of tension in the core muscles, turnout muscles, and leg muscles, to maintain. And yet, many ballet teachers allow far too much gripping of the muscles than is necessary for a person to dance.

When you are looking for a ballet academy for dance classes, watch a few classes at different levels, and see if the students generally look fluid or tense. If a lot of the dancers look bulky and muscle bound, it may be related to what is being taught in that school.

Core Muscles - And Ballet Positions

Ballet posture uses core muscles in a completely natural way. A straight neck, and a straight ramrod spine is totally wrong!

The spine has natural curves - in the neck, and at the waist. Using the core muscles, the deep low abdominals, correctly, does not pull the low back out of its curve.

The core muscles support the natural position of the pelvis. If the hip bones are in line with the ears and shoulders, with some natural curve in between, that is correct. People with more rounded-shaped muscles will show more curve, and you have to visualize the plumb line going down through the skeleton.

Pointe Shoe Muscles - Exercises That Help With Pointe Shoes

Foot muscles are special, and need daily exercise. Whether you ever dance in pointe shoes or not, these exercises that target the sole of the foot muscles are excellent for getting stronger in ballet class.

Pre pointe exercise for ballet foot control, help prevent dance injuries. If feet muscles are weak, the lower leg, or calf and shin muscles, will always be over-exerting. This can eventually lead to shin splints and Achilles Tendon inflammation.

If you think you would like ballet classes, I hope I've given you some ideas of why developing ballet muscles has health benefits beyond dancing. As for ballet foot control, these daily dancers exercises will get you results.

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