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Backup Before It's Too Late
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Backup before it\'s too late

Ok. Don't panic. Take a deep breath.

I am sure there is a solution. I am absolutely positive I haven't lost everything. I am sure it's nothing a technician can't solve.

Perhaps it's just a virus.

Perhaps I only need to restart my computer and everything will be back to its original state.

I simply cannot believe that I lost everything. Forever. C'mon, we are in 2011, in the internet era and I am sure my files are somewhere. They must be SOMEWHERE.

I like to believe that they are floating somewhere in the clouds between my room and the sky.

Well, in a way this can be true. With today's technology it is possible and they can actually be stored in the clouds, but we need to put them there. Ever heard of cloud servers? Today we can backup all our files, from pictures, movies, e-books and important documents using a simple online backup system through cloud servers.

Don't ask yourself "if" you'll ever loose your files, ask instead "when", because data loss is more frequent than you think. People lose important data everyday from obvious factors such as viruses or computer defects to theft, negligence and natural disasters such storms, floods, fire, earthquake, etc.

Have you ever consider the cost for recovering files? It can cost you several hundred dollars, if not thousands with absolutely no guarantee that you will get all your data back. When it comes to recover data people are ready to pay disproportionate amounts of money.

Well, I believe that it's better safe than sorry. There is a new solution to the backup problem.

Online backup it is easy, cheap and safe. Anyone can use it and it is compatible with both macintosh and windows. It's easy because it is dummy proof and you can install it with just few clicks. It's cheap because it cost less than three cups of coffee per month. And it is safe because it is automatic, you don't have to worry about forgetting to backup, it is not connected to an external hard disk and it uses the highest encryption system: no need to worry for your passwords, private data or personal photos.

So, to make a long story short, before you loose all those precious pictures of your wiener dog in a wedding dress (yes, I know but I am sure all wiener dog owners who are reading this article will understand) do yourself a favor and backup your files. It costs less than three cups of coffee a month and it can save lifetime memories.

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Sherry B.  

Good advice! I lost some of my stuff a few years ago, not everything but enough to be irritating in the least. At least I didn't lose everything like a friend of mine did.

  about 1 decade ago
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