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Feeling Too Old To Get Women Interested In You? Think Again
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Many older guys feel like they're too old to start dating successfully. After all, women want young guys, right?

This is actually a highly false perception.

Men become MORE attractive as they age. There's a little known piece of female psychology that you can use to your advantage as an older guy: young women are attracted to men like their fathers.

Now, as they get older, women tend to be attracted to younger guys (not always, but often). This is just a piece of human biology intended to help us find the "ideal mate". It's a little bit complicated but I won't go into that here.

What you need to know, as an older guy, is that:

1. Young women like older men.

Notice how a lot of older politicians and actors are constantly dating younger girls? George Clooney, for example, has not LOST status and power as he's aged; he's gained it.

You will, too. And there's another important part of this: your wealth, looks, and status only play a very small part in how women are attracted to you, which leads us to point number 2.

2. Your personality is what matters.

You can have the best car in town, the best job in the world, or be a musclebound hulk, and you still won't get women to be interested in you. One important fact to note is that women (unlike men) are NOT attracted very much to a guy's looks. They are attracted to his PERSONALITY and KINDNESS.

If you are a kind guy, as in, you hold open doors for people, act generous and chivalrous, and basically do your best to be a good citizen, your attractiveness will skyrocket in the eyes of a woman.

If you carry this kindness and good will towards a woman, she will notice. Note that being kind does not equate to being a doormat - there's a careful distinction.

3. The happier you are, the more attractive you'll be to women.

Your age makes no difference in the dating game, ultimately. It's true that you need to go places where you will meet women, but whether they're old, young, or middle aged, you will always be attractive to someone if you focus on these principles.


-Young women like older men.

-Your personality is more important than your possessions or status.

-The happier you are, the more women you will ultimately attract.

So next time you're feeling down because you think "I'm too old to date," just remember that there are older guys out there who are successful with women (by doing things like starting conversations), and you can be one too.

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