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Three Months Of Heaven
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The flush of new romance energizes and fills one with complete litigation of love. Your face carries a smile, the doodling of the pen on your notebook with his name all over it, catch yourself drifting to a heavenly like atmosphere that takes your breath away when his name appears clearly in your thoughts. When “girl talk” comes around the only thing that comes out of that luscious voice is how he looks at you. The way he treats you and how the chemistry prevails around your beating heart. Heaven right? One must assume it is with sparks.

Three months of everything that can be offered in both directions, but what happens when the traffic completely stops after the 3rd month? Taking it back a decade ago, the way a couple had it with communication was through pay phones, actual love letters, journals and even the famous 1.4.3 on the pager. We’ve replaced love in profound ways as we evolve into a new generation.

First month ~ The profound breathtaking excitement that makes a person want to be with their “better half” all the time. The exaggerating text messages along with the endless phone calls. The tweets that direct every step that is taken from the “No you hang up 1st”, “No you do!” to the “if you love me you’ll hang up first.” Yes c’mon we’ve all done it! (Maybe in the non-experience part of our first relationships.) The first couple of days you tell each other everything, and sometimes touch basis on the unwanted affairs. It’s good to be honest and truthful, it gives us guys a sense of what to expect. How about the scrapbook that your mind begins to build around this new world called a boyfriend? You know the sticky memories that attach to your emotions.

For example, the pages that begins to have color or make sense. A good example would be, the beach to a nice homemade dinner at his place to a bottle of champagne. Besides sex, the one other thing that comes to mind is that unforgettable first kiss. Exploration of one another in the first month is wonderful and an infinite feeling. The urges that splurge ones mind are impeccable and stimulating. Is it always too much on the 1st month? Or is just right, not confusing love with lust. It’s a mind-boggling affect that many can’t understand why it hinders as time takes toll in the relationship.

Second month~ When the fresh aroma of romance starts to become a bit dysfunctional and you see the light begin to dim, then the real once charismatic couple starts to see change within, and the usage of time with one another starts to taste bitter. Remember the constant rings and text messages can make you appear a bit desperate. Call with caution to let us know you’re thinking of us, and the mesmerizing feeling is still brand new. That’s why it’s never a good idea to give everything away within the first month. The outing events become less frequent, and of course the excuses become more agile.

We men are built to resist any kind of interrogation a girlfriend might have extinguishing in her mind. By nature we are made for any kind of pressure, a built in resistance mechanism that has a good reverse physiological answer. The excuses start to become habits; the cuddling, or how we guys call it “spooning,” starts to become cold. Expectations are slightly at a level where questions need to be answered. We have the tendency to answer with a gesture, or a simple shrug. Women are essential to a man’s life, as much as we might say we don’t need you we really do need you. You ladies may laugh or say “Sh!t, he’s right.” What does it do to us guys? We start to play a mental game that we have become professionals at. It’s true, we then begin to target emotions, and tag insecurity.

Third month~ By now the curtain has lifted and the real persona has come out of its beautiful shell. Unfaithfully slowly ignoring the phone calls, much less the text messages. When guys would crave for your attention knowing the fact their eyes were glued on you, you would walk away with your chin up. That was then, and now mild stress and pondering of “Why am I with him?" comes to play. When the relationship starts to breach then it's time to patch things up. A civil conversation is important to lay out the facts and amend what needs to be amended.

Otherwise, you’re looking at being single again. The third month is critical because it's a phase where at this point the honeymoon is up, since you know your other half a bit more. No more childish acts, it’s not about who wear’s the pants in the relationship. It’s about how you put them on to make the relationship still feel tight. We guys make the mistake to walk away and not deal with emotions, and the errors we make. We don’t like to be put in the front seat and stating the fact that we were wrong too. It’s true! We only seek "perfection" so it’s never our fault. In a clearer point of view, if its gotten to a point where, "I need time" comes around, then it’s clear that both of you are making critical mistakes. How do you fix it? Don’t point fingers.

Maybe take some time apart and breathe a little. Maybe get distracted. Also keep in mind that for every little fight you can’t keep running away. Sometimes it is best to hear the music, then let the track be burned on repeat. Just because a man is prideful and masculine doesn’t mean coming home to someone is a bad thing. Utilizing a relaxing weekend or an evening is good because it relaxes you and allows for more grown up conversations. The "Lemon Law of Romance" is the third month. So you either fix the internal problems within, or simply pack your bags and catch the next train to single town. Sometimes it is best not to deal with someone who at one point showed so much interest. Suddenly he turns off the lights, and crumbles your world. Sometimes even makes you feel dumb for giving in to begin with.

Remember you sexy, beautiful women out there; sometimes independence is much greater than sharing your world with someone that’s doesn’t know the difference between North and South. So are 90 days of heaven really worth the lust and fun, rather than feeling wanted by a real man called "Independence?" Don’t pressure yourself to be with someone because being needy is what you feed from. It’s a desperate call, and it’s a sign for a guy to take full advantage of the dilemma.

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