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40 And Single Woman-the Secret To Finding True Love
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With all the different dating advice for the 40 and single woman it can get really frustrating to know what you should be doing to find true love. The truth is, the secret everyone is trying so desperately to uncover is not really a secret at all. The only thing to do and the only thing that will every work in finding true love is just being your self. I know that most of you are probably cursing me right now but I speak from experience. I know how hard it is out there to find a man- a good man. I was over 40 when I finally found my true love.

Just because something sounds so simple does not mean that it is actually that simple to do. The 40 and single woman has spent so many years in the dating world and is very jaded about love and relationships. Most of the women think that it is hopeless for them to meet anyone and they have come to terms with the fact that they will probably be alone for the rest of their lives. I talk to hundreds of women (and men) all the time and the only thing I tell them is that a relationship will only work if there is trust and honesty. If you can't be truthful and honest about who you really are to the person you are in a relationship with then that relationship is doomed from the start.

That is the secret- truth and honesty- sounds simple right? Think back to your past relationships- I'm sure especially if you are the 40 and single woman, you can find a relationship where you changed who you were for the person. Your likes and interests were not important, all of a sudden your partners likes and interests became yours. You hate sports and he loves baseball-you pretend that you have always been a sports fan and next thing you know you are a fanatic baseball fan. You hate beer, he loves beer, next thing you know you are drinking beer everyday. You know what I'm talking about. You loose your identity. You feel that you have to become his perfect mate. It is ok to not like everything he does, and it is also ok to try to take an interest in things he likes.

I think it works better when he knows you are not intrested in something he is and then you make an effort to learn more about the subject. That is something that would make him more attracted to you. It is showing him how much you care that you are willing to take interest in something that he likes. Men don't want a woman that yes's them or thinks everything they think is great. They want a woman with her own identity, her own interests. That is what makes you you!

There is another part to this so called secret- I guess this is the real secret- accepting that by being trusting and honest with your partner about who you are that they might not be interested in you. You have to be ok with that, you have to be ready to tell yourself that it is his loss and be ok with the situation if he leaves. You can't regret being honest, you can't blame yourself for not being what he wanted.Being 40 and single woman you should be willing to walk away with no regrets and know in your heart that it wasn't meant to be. He was not the one for you .

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