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5 First Date Tips
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5 First Date Tips

If you have not been on many dates before in your life then i highly suggest that you take on board as much good advice as you can. This will make you feel more confident and much more prepared for your upcoming dates. This really is good advice and so i suggest you read my tips below:

1. Becoming good at dating will mean you'll need to get practice at it. This is just like riding a bike or driving a car, you'll need practice to become good. So i suggest you go on as many dates as you can. Now, this will often mean that many of the girls you won't like that much, or you won't be very attracted to, but you should go along for practice anyway. If there is no connection there then at least you may end up with a really good friend which is something we all want more of.

2. Girls love confident guys! This is very important. This goes with the above point really too. To become confident at dating then you'll need practice! You can however make yourself look and feel more confident by the way you sit and stand as well as how you project your voice. When you sit, make sure you spread yourself out on the chair, widen your legs and prop your arm over the top of the next chair. When you speak, do so with alternating voice pitches and use facial expressions to make points. Very few people do this, and it will certainly make you stand out.

3. Arrive early for your date so you can have a look around your venue. Why not strike up a conversation with any barmen, or staff members. This way when your date arrives, it will look like you're old friends. This will make you look very attractive to your date. As for actually meeting your date, don't be waiting around at the rendezvous for ages, simply arrive 2 minutes early, that's all that's needed.

4. Try and make a good connection with the girl. This really is very important! You can make a connection by relating any points she makes to her and not to yourself. This really is an all round good communication technique which will put you in good stead for the rest of your life. Of all the first date tips here, i would say that this is the most important one of them all!

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