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5 Simple Ways To Be More Attractive To Men
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5 Simple Ways to Be More Attractive to Men

Do you want to know how to be more attractive to men? Plenty of women out there are also curious about the secrets of attracting men. There are a lot of pretty ladies out there so how do you stand out?

They say that wearing a red dress or red lipstick would do the trick and in a way it does. After all, red is a sexy and powerful color. It makes you stand out. But what if you don’t look good in red? Does that mean you can just forget about attracting him? What are other ways to be more attractive to men?

1. The friendly type

Believe it or not, women who are friendly and smile a lot are attractive to men. Smiling is a way to make you more approachable and the best part is smiling is also free! If you seem approachable then he would be less hesitant about striking a conversation with you. Hey, you’re not the only one who is nervous about being rejected. Men have to worry about this all the time.

2. Get active

Okay, so you don’t look like a supermodel. But people come in all shapes and sizes and just because you’re not built like a goddess doesn’t mean you’re no longer beautiful. However, you can at least try and stay fit. You like your men fit, don’t you? Well, men also like women who stay fit and healthy and preferably have the right curves in the right places.

3. Choose your clothing well

As mentioned, not everyone has perfect bodies but you can still look good if you know how to choose your clothing. For instance, if you have that tummy then don’t wear tops that show a lot of skin. Wear a top that could hide the bulge of your stomach. Also, don’t wear loose fitting clothes that will make you look bigger. Wear something that would flatter your figure.

4. Be more social

You’re not going to attract men if you spend all your time at home watching TV. You need to get out there and have a social life. You can even ask your friends for help. Maybe they know someone and can put in a good word for you. Your task of impressing him is half-way done since your friends may have already told him that you’re great!

5.Laugh it out

So you’re with this guy and you did something a bit embarrassing. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Sure it’s hard and you can’t help but flush with embarrassment. But by laughing about it and laughing at yourself, the situation can be less embarrassing. And he might even feel relieved because he’s worried that you might burst into tears and create all this drama over a silly little thing. If you can laugh at yourself then it shows you have a sense of humor and guys definitely like that in a girl.

If you want to be more attractive to men, you need to learn to relax. Don’t try too hard or you’ll desperate. Don’t forget to be yourself because you do want him to like you for who you are.

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