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6 Secrets To Attract Men And Get Them To Notice You
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6 Secrets to Attract Men And Get Them to Notice You

What are the secrets to attract men? Are you one of those women who are shy when it comes to approaching the guy you like? It can be intimidating and you don’t know whether you’re going to be rejected or not. However, there are a few tips to remember if you want to attract the guy of your dreams.

1. The feisty girl

If you’re feisty then you don’t let any guy take control of you. You’re not easy to get and you’re not desperate for attention. You’re a challenge and men do love what they can’t easily have. A little feisty attitude helps because it means you’re not available all the time and he has to work hard to get your attention.

2. Joke around

Don’t be so serious all the time because men do like women they can joke around with. If you take yourself too seriously then he might be uncomfortable being with you. You can be playful and give him playful punches on the arm or even poke his waist. It’s like you’re flirting with him and if you know how to use a sarcastic tone well then your conversation may be even more interesting.

3. Smile

Don’t forget to smile. If you smile then he’s going to see that you’re friendly and won’t be too hesitant in approaching you. Don’t cross your arms or frown because that would make him think he’s only wasting your time. If you want him to approach you then you need to look warm and inviting. Plus, he’ll be more at ease if you smile and it won’t be that hard breaking the ice between the two of you.

4. The cool girl

The cool girl is the girl who doesn’t like drama. She’s fun to be with and laid back and doesn’t mind hanging out with the guys. She doesn’t pressure guys into being with her and she’s not hungry for attention. In other words, she has her own life and knows how to give other people space. If you’re a cool girl then he might feel more attracted to you because not only are you easy to get along with, you’re cute sexy too!

5. Be mysterious

Who doesn’t like a little mystery? If he comes over and starts a conversation with and asks about you, don’t go into this whole litany and tell him your life story. You don’t have to tell him everything and discuss every little problem you’ve encountered. If you’re mysterious then he’s going to be more intrigued because you’re giving him something to figure out.

6. Look good

One of the secrets to attract men is physical appearance. Looks may not be everything but it does play a role when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. You don’t have to look like a super model to attract the guy you like. But you also don’t have to look like a slob. Pay attention to your clothes and how you carry yourself and he’ll pay attention to you.

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