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A Guys Handbook When Dating Girls
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A Guys Handbook When Dating Girls

None of us really want to spend our life alone. We truly want to find our soul mate to share our life with. So whether you enjoy dating or you find it very stressful, in order to find your perfect mate you are going to have to go through the dating process. So guys are you ready to start dating girls? Well there are some things you should be aware of before you step into the dating arena.

One of the first things you should be aware of when you start dating girls is that girls are not guys. They do not appreciate some of the finer things in life like you guys. For instance, and I find this unbelievable, but they do not think it is the least bit funny to make noises using your hand under your armpit. I think the reason for that is they probably are not as skilled in this as you guys are and are afraid if it came down to a contest they would lose every time.

Another thing to remember is that again girls are not guys. For some strange reason it bothers them when you brag about your previous relationship conquests. When dating girls they just do not want to hear about the one with the great chest or as guys sometimes refer to as the babe with the great rack. They also for some reason find it annoying when you go somewhere and it seems like every hot girl in the place seems to know you. You would think that they would be impressed by the number of people that know you and seem to love you.

Yep dating girls can be confusing sometimes.

As you go merrily along dating girls never forget the golden rule and that is girls are not guys. You would think after dating girls or at least one particular girl for awhile that she would cut you some slack. After all who

needs a shower and a shave every day? And really if you are spending the evening in does it really matter what you have on. Those old jeans with the knees out are just so darn comfortable.

You’re forgetting the golden rule – Girls are not guys. She may relax on this when your future children are in their late teens but for now – shower, shave and put some decent pants and a shirt on. Come on is dating girls that difficult?

Now when dating girls it is always a good idea to take them out for a nice dinner. It does not have to be over the top but here is where it can be tricky. Do not under any circumstances pull out a buy one get one free coupon or any other type of coupon at a restaurant. Save these for your mother or your buddies. When

dating girls they have to feel like they are worthy. You will spare no expense for them.

Girls are not guys also when it comes to certain contests. Now men enjoy these types of contests and find them funny and entertaining. For some reason when dating girls these great contests need to go on the back burner. Imagine, you think a girl never farted or burped. I bet things are different if you get a bunch of girls together for a night on the town.

So if you are a guy dating girls and you lean towards any of the above mentioned behaviours and someone’s advice to you is to be yourself – DON’T. Lose the behaviour when dating girls and you may even get another date with the future woman of the rest of your life.

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