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Attracting Men: Confidence Is Key!
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Attracting Men: Confidence is Key!

As much as confident men attract women, so too do confident women attract men. Men like women who are confident without being arrogant or bitchy. Harsh I know but it's how things work.

So how do you do that?

First things first, work on your posture. Don't hunch your back or slouch. Stand up straight and relax your back. Standing up to your full height makes your look more confident. People who have low self confidence will try to make themselves smaller and harder to notice. People who have high self confidence will try to fill the area they're in.

Next thing to do is to head over to the mirror and take a look at yourself. Do you feel attractive to yourself? Do your clothes and facial expressions convey a sense of ease and friendliness with just a hint of mystery? Okay thats taking it too far, but do you at least look friendly? It is very important that you feel attractive if your want to be confident.

Lastly is to know what looks good on you. Your looks may be just average of even below that, but some makeup and good dress sense can more than make up for it. Men like women who feel pretty even if their looks are not all that noteworthy.

Now while you're on a date, if you're feeling a little down that you're not attractive enough for your date, try complimenting him about what you find attractive in him. If you pay him a compliment, he will give you one in return. It'll give you an idea of what he finds attractive in you and boost your self esteem a little. Its sneaky, but it does work. Tell him about some things you like to do and gauge his reaction to them. He will naturally try to take an interest in what you like but watch to see if he is genuine.

Have you heard of the phrase "fake it till you make it"? It does apply here. You are what you believe yourself to be. If you believe that you are attractive, you will automatically become attractive to others. Maybe not to everyone, but through your actions and belief, you will become more attractive over time. You'll draw men to you like moths to a flame.

One last thing you can do is try to be a friend first. This will take away the pressure of viewing him only as a romantic prospect. If you want to date him but you are too shy, you'll ruin your chances and he will move on. However, do make your feelings and intentions clear from the start or you'll end up in the friendzone and you'll hate yourself for it.

Confidence is key, but knowing how men think and feel is also a great boon. Understand what it is that makes men appreciate and want to date certain women more and you'll have an advantage over the women who don't know what men want.

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