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Avoiding A Break Up
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Avoiding A Break Up

At times it may seem very difficult to prevent a break up; if you don't, you may find yourself trying to figure out how to get your ex girlfriend back. I want to share with everyone an important lesson that I have learned about my relationship..... Once you are with the person you truly love, do what ever you can to keep them close to you.... I don't mean: do whatever they say, put up with abuse, or put up with illegal activity. or anything like that..... Once you go to all of the effort to get your ex back, the important thing now is to KEEP him or her.

COMMUNICATION is the most important thing to remember in any relationship.... Here are some examples of what I mean:.

==> Always talk about your problems with each other. Who better to talk to than with your lover?

==> Don't play the blame game. Nobody can win when you blame each other for your problems.

==> Don't yell.... this is extremely important. If you feel like blowing up, leave the room and cool off. Come back when you feel like you can talk calmly.

==> Put the children, if any, first. If you have problems involving behavior, sit down and talk about it as a family. Your family will grow closer.

==> Getting everything off your mind at the end of the day by talking about your day with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend can be a great way to relieve all of the stresses of the day and allow you to get a good nights sleep.

==> Don't bottle up your feelings, this is how fights and arguments get started. If something is frustrating you, it is best to come out and say it in a calm manner. Talking about it now is better than fighting about it later.

You should be able to talk to your partner about anything and everything. No matter what kind of problem you face, you are in it together, and you can solve it together. You should never have to be alone. Setting time aside to spend together as a family is a great idea for everyone. Family dinners can be a good time to talk about your day.

These techniques are just a few basics that are especially important for getting your ex girlfriend back. Make sure she knows that you are there for her because your girlfriend relies on your support. Making yourself open and available for your girlfriend or ex girlfriend are important for proper communication. I realize that this can be difficult at times, but you will find it essential to get your ex girlfriend back.

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