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Can You Turn Friendship Into Love?
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Can you turn friendship into love?

Hollywood says... It is not only possible, but it is probable. Heck with it, throw caution to the wind. If she just wants to be "friends" don't let that deter you because as she's crying on your shoulder after a dozen broken relationships, she'll realize that the one she wanted was there for her all along. Make sure to cue the sappy music at the end of the movie because the two people that were meant to be together finally found real love. It just took her a little while to realize it.

Reality says... She wasn't physically attracted to you to begin with and then (on purpose) said "let's just be friends." What she meant by that is that you have zero chance in ever being her lover because she doesn't feel chemistry with the way you look, but she didn't want to hurt your feelings and you seem "nice enough." Now, you can go out with her several times over several months (or years) and get more and more frustrated as time goes on because of all the "jerks (as you see it)" that keep hurting her feelings. True love is waiting for her via you but she just never "gets it." Don't worry, you have a reward coming for all your patience and perseverance. An invitation to the first table at her wedding. No, you will not be the groom but you will eat just after the groom, if that makes you feel any better.

It absolutely drives me crazy when I see good guys pursue women that just want to be "friends," thinking that the friendship can turn into love. On occasion guys call into our dating women radio show and ask if they can move from friendship to romance.

Do you know the amount of women that really could be interested that are ignored as guys pursue women that are not interested? The brainwashing that comes out of Hollywood (and the major media) tells guys that they just have to "hang in there" until she realizes how special they are. It plays right into a guy's mentality of being aggressive and not taking no for an answer and his ego. Guys think they just have to try harder and push more to get what they want. What was that battle cry from the War of 1812? "Don't give up the ship!"

That might be great for war and business but when it comes to women, you need to understand that sometimes all the effort and pushing will only waste your time.

So, can you turn friendship into love? You have a better chance of matching 6 numbers in your state's lottery so you can retire young.

Remember guys, when women like you, they help you. Helping you doesn't mean telling you "let's just be friends."

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