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Dating Women: A Guy's Perspective
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Dating Women: A Guy\'s Perspective

As a woman browsing and looking for dating advice for women, has it crossed your mind that there are thousands of guys out there going through dating advice for men? Women seem to spend hours and hours researching how to get a man but do men? Are they studying women as religiously as you study men?

Hint: The answer starts with Y!

From a guy's point of view, there are several things that change a woman's worth in their eyes and make them think of a woman in a certain way.

Firstly, men are very afraid of rejection. Rejection bruises the male ego like nothing else ever. It is like a slap in the face and saying "you're not good enough!" and no man wants to be told they are inadequate, whether they actually are or not. Rejection is actually one of the major reasons men give up approaching women at all in the first place. Some men can't take the hit to their egos and would rather just stew and wait around until they have a better opportunity or have ingested enough alcohol.

That attractive man across the bar you've been subtly glancing at is not going to walk up to you and introduce himself even if he has a good amount of confidence. Help him out! Make eye contact, smile and turn your body towards him a little. It'll silently convey the fact that you're interested and will open him up to the possibility that you actually want to get to know him too!

I'll bet you didn't know this! Men create an image of women in their minds based on how much skin a woman reveals when they see them for the first time. Ever wondered why your guy friends talk more loosely around a girl who doesn't cover up herself much? It's because they think she is more easygoing and open. Men translate visible skin area to openness and willingness to try more things. Obviously, some women wear less because of the weather or because they are comfortable with themselves and are not afraid to be judged.

Men tend to judge a woman based on how she looks and how she acts. A girl who is not very attractive yet flirting outrageously is not going to score many points in a man's book. A quality man will not like a girl who flirts excessively and without restraint, unless he is looking for an easy time. Being too loud also turns a man off. Women are not meant to be loud foghorns of opinions. Men do understand that women tend to talk more about things in general but dislike it when a woman is overtly brash and seems to run her mouth about everything under the sun. As the old adage goes; Silence is golden.

Being drunk is another huge turnoff to a man who is not looking to screw anything on two legs. A good quality man will turn up his nose at a drunk girl falling all over herself. It shows that she is unable to control herself and will ruin his reputation as well as give him endless troubles and require constant looking after. Not something you want to do if you're looking for a man.

Lastly, men don't exactly trust women who have sex before marriage. It is an unfortunate double standard that men have. Men automatically assume that you're more likely to sleep around with other guys if you do or have had sex before marriage EVEN THOUGH they are the ones who initiate the act. Most men are also insecure about themselves on some level and always wonder how good or bad they are compared to the guy's you've dated before them.

The minds of men work in strange and mysterious ways and to most women, men are a mystery. If you know what men truly want from women, the fog will lift, your eyes will clear and you'll know what to do to land ANY man you desire!

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