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Finding The Right “Dating Type Of Guy”
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In this day and age dating can be very confusing and overwhelming for women. Some women end up believing in that old saying, “I rather be part of the lonely hearts club than the broken hearts club”. Sometimes we almost want to give up on the whole idea of dating until we remind ourselves that dating is supposed to lead us towards the “perfect” relationship we have always wanted. We women have to start refining our search of dating possibilities as well as changing the type of men we are currently dating.

Start by Making a List of the last five men you have dated and ask yourself “where did I meet him?” If you have met these men at the same type of places (clubs, bars, etc) then it’s time you look elsewhere. Now go ahead and make a second list detailing the reasons why you have stopped dating these same five men. If while you are making this list you realize that they share similar vices then you know the time has come to start “dating differently”.

Online Dating Services is not a bad place to start looking for the type of men you want to start dating. We live in modern times and in the age of instant gratification. Today we can do almost everything online, so why not add dating to that list. It affords you the opportunity to weed out the “undesired” and only seek within the search parameters that you input. Looking for online dates through a free online dating service has gained popularity in the last few years. There are millions of everyday people who find dates and sometimes even love through these free dating websites.

Don’t Discount the Divorcees; they can sometimes be the best type of man to date. They already have experience of being in a committed relationship. Most often, divorced men who have given themselves time to heal can point out what went wrong in their marriage thus giving themselves the opportunity to identify areas of improvement for the next time around. Also, dating and eventually falling in love with a man who has been through a divorce and whose marriage was horrible, will pretty much always make you look better by comparison.

Lay off the “Getting Laid” for a while. Give yourself time to really know the men you are dating before you commit to an intimate relationship. I don’t want to put a time stamp on this but if I had to I would say wait at the very least a month. Mind boggling sex too early in the dating game can lead to the fire fizzling out quick and when that happens “what are you left with?” It is much more fulfilling to know men on a deeper level and to gradually rise to the stage of Wild, Passionate Love Making as opposed to great sex and believe me ladies, there is a difference.

Keeping Your Options Open is a must when it comes to dating. Men have been doing this for years. Did you really think that handsome man who has been pursuing you has not been pursuing other women with those same wild romantic gestures that he used on you? This is when we women have to put on our thick skin and understand that men keep their options open with good reason as should we. If you are trying to sell your car, will you only offer it to one potential buyer or are you going to spread the word and hopefully get a great deal of offers so you can make the best choice. As long as you are not committed to any one man then dating a few men at a time can help you make a better decision towards who you would like date exclusively and eventually commit to.

Developing Interests and Hobbies are often neglected by us woman. Our lives tend to get so hectic with other things such as work, children, and yes dating that we forget to make ourselves happy. Men usually prefer a woman who has "her own interests". A woman who does not discard her hobbies or passions is not fully depended on a man to make her happy. It also provides men with the opportunity to hang out with their buddies when you are out doing your own thing. Keeping up with your hobbies is also a great stress reducer and provides us with relaxation which is ideal in any aspect of life especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Your hobbies or interests do not have to fully take over your life; they just have to provide you with a small escape from your everyday life. So if you love to dance, enlist with your neighborhood dance studio for some lessons.

If you notice, most of the dating advice included in this article does not specify “secrets” or “new tricks” to find the right type of man. This article is designed to show you that in order for you to find happiness in dating and relationships you must first find happiness within yourself. I can tell you from personal experience that there is no better way to attract a man then to be happy with whom you are right now.

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