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First Date Advice - 3 Qualities Guys Should Look For In Girls
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If you're a guy who couldn't seem to find the right girl for the longest time, here is a first date advice I will recommend.

There are so many girls out there with whom you can talk to and make acquaintance with, probably progress it to a "getting to know well" relationship until you start dating.

And as most of us already know, dating a girl means that you are preparing to get to know her better. Here are a few first date advice that a guy should look for from a girl on the first date

1. She should know how to converse well - Sometimes you just couldn't help but get attracted to girls even without having to talk to them. This is usually because they are good looking. However there are times when good impressions overshadows a girl's real substance.

In addition, you should also look for a girl with a sense of humor. Humor during first date conversations really turns on a guy. It sets the mood. If you're attracted to a girl just because of her good looks, that's fine. But having a fun conversation with a girl determines how whether you're going to like her in the long run.2. Has a unique body language - It's rather hard to find the right word to describe it aside from uniqueness. Guys just couldn't help but fall for girls who show a favorable body language. Depending on how you interact on your first date, she might show signs that she is also in to you.

Everything has to be natural. Does she smile and laugh a lot during your conversation? does she hit your shoulder when she laughs? Is she flirting back? How slow does she eat? Does she look at you straight to the eyes?

3. Knowing how to fix herself and look good - regardless who you're dating with, what we look for is how she fixes her self on the first date. It tells us a lot about her personality-cleanliness, knowledge of clothing trends, and knowing that looking good pleases a guy.

It doesn't have to be too glamorous. It just has to suit the place you're going to. The simpler, the better. Remember those movies when a girl shows up in front of a guy after shopping for clothes? If you are getting that surprised look when seeing your date that night, then she's doing it right.

First Date Advice on Your Part

Another first date advice I can give you is to not forget that what matters after your first date is how you felt after.

If you felt good about it, and you think both of you had a lot of fun, then there's a nice chance that you'll have a second and third date! Would she still act the same? Would she still be interested?

More importantly, aside from the qualities that you have to look for a girl, always remember that it is on how you are going to lead the way and act not only in your first date, but on all of your dates! This is because going out on a date, having fun, working on your relationship and being consistent is key to a long lasting and fun relationship.

If you need more dating and love advice, I would like to invite you to go and visit my website. There you'll find more resources to enhance your knowledge on dating, as well as improving your skills interacting with the opposite sex. The website is created by Noel Fonseca for the purpose of helping people to at least "not suck" in dating and relationships.

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