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Flirting Touch
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Flirting Touch

Flirting is an easy way to attract, approach and pick up women. You can show women that you are confident enough to approach them by your flirtatious behavior. Flirting shows that you want to have sex with them. If a woman is attracted to you, then flirting will be essential to create sexual tension. And sexual tension is important to make a serious relationship with a woman. In other words, flirting conveys your sexual desires.

Flirting Touch – Make a Woman Want You

Touching is an important part of flirting. It is important that you use it properly, otherwise you are decreasing your chances of getting a woman.

First off, break the touch barrier by making innocent contacts. Don’t make it obvious that you want to touch her because of your sexual desires. All women have their own defense mechanism. If a woman feels that you are obviously trying to touch her, she may loose interest in you. So you must find out whether she is receptive to your touches or not. If she is receptive, then you can easily break the touch barrier and you can proceed further to kiss her.

If she behaves as she is not comfortable when you touch her, then you must stop your flirting touches. Make her more comfortable with you by charming her. You can make innocent contact by bantering and laughing at jokes.

Here are some great ways to flirt by touching:

Tip#1. Touch Her to Emphasis a Point –

You can use this technique during the conversation with her. This is a very natural gesture that you are taking so much interest in the topic. You can also touch her to ask her own opinion on the topic. You can touch her arms and knees. Touching something else like her back, neck or cheek can make it obvious that you want to touch her.

Tip #2. What is the time, please?

Instead of asking her about time, you should take her hand and check the time yourself. Touch her hand around her wrist watch. Make comments about her wrist watch. It would be so exciting for both of you.

Tip #3. Smooth Her Dress –

If she doesn’t wear a tight dress, you can use this technique. Smooth her dress and make a good comment with your flirtatious behavior. Be cautious that you should not touch her breasts or her back. She would not be comfortable with that.

Tip #4. Check her Necklace

Do it only if she is very comfortable with you. If she wears a new necklace, check it to know how pricey it is. By this way, you can touch her neck in an innocent way. If she is already comfortable with you, she will become more excited.

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