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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Do You Need Certain Steps?
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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back  -  Do You Need Certain Steps?

Dear Miss, you had a breakup with your lovely boyfriend and now you want to get him back. Now you yearn for his love and presence like you never had before. It's quite natural because you love him. Here, I'll discuss how you can get your ex boyfriend back with a couple of steps that are quite easy to be followed.

First of all, you should consider the specific reasons that caused the breakup. Now ask yourself some questions: why do you want him to come back to you? Is it because you like the idea of possessing a boyfriend, his love or his attention? Or do you really love him? Was either of you arrogant, dominant or selfish throughout the relationship? Did either of you deceived the significant other? If any of these facts occurred then you may need to think for some time and think in a profound sense if you want to get back into this relationship.

Try the following steps if you really want to get your ex boyfriend back:

You need to be the girl your boyfriend fell in love with. Try to put out those special characteristics that attracted him the most. If your outlook – your features have changed in time, as if your haircut, try to make it look the same way when you’ve first met your ex boyfriend. Always remain jovial but don’t exaggerate your cheerful manners of course, because he’ll surely understand that you’re pretending to be happy, but don't let him understand that you desperately want him to come back to you either. Whenever he sees you, do not seem that you’re bothered or upset. Make him feel that you are passing your days very well and smoothly. That will play a great psychological game between you and your boyfriend.

Now you need to be prepared when you run into him for it will give him an idea of how you’re getting along in life without him. That moment is extremely important, it will give him the impression of your reactions and your feelings after your break-up.

Never try the traditional way like weeping and begging him to come back for the chance of its efficiency is zero. Do not throw yourself into his arms and look like a pathetic, love-sick person that will only make him pity you, in fact his ego will grow to tremendous sizes if he sees that you’re in need of his existence. Never, ever do this, especially when you are the one who is dumped.

Moreover, when you guys see each other, that will happen by coincidences, so you keep your mood good when you out with friends, and always keep in mind that when you see him, DO NOT start shaking, bursting into tears or do anything abnormal; like leaving, he’ll –for sure- notice your stress, thus your sadness, thus your pathetic situation (not that being sad and even wanting to shut yourself to your room and being in need of crying for days is odd after a breakup), be calm and act normal (like literally NORMAL) as if nothing happened between you too (and I know it’s easier to say and I know that it’s very difficult and painful to endeavour to act normal in front of him), hence, by doing all this I can assure you, he won’t pity you, he won’t look down on you, in fact he’ll admire your maturity, which is one of the most important things that makes a guy fall for a girl.

In addition, apart from your manners, there’s another thing that would grasp his interest in you; and that is your clothes. Think about the clothing style he liked for a girl and consider the clothes that he liked and told you when you wore. When you go out, wear such clothes that will attract him; the memories of you, your being, what you looked like, why he fell for you and many other thoughts will undoubtedly appear in his mind.

If you get an opportunity to meet with him, you should choose a place where you two often chose to meet up. To hang out at the same old place, at ‘your’ place will bring up the memories of your past relationship. You must win his heart once again if you want him back.

Additionally, you need to be the sweet, light-hearted girl who is willing to get her ex boyfriend back. All men simply adore sweet girls, who smile, cheer, and show that they care for them. They don’t like to hear crying, weeping or complaining. You have to show him that you care for him, and no matter what you want him to be happy in life, and you need to feel this truly in your heart. Just keep one thing in mind, be sincere and true, so that you won’t make him feel like you’re acting like a sweet lady just to get his attention back.

After you smoothen things between you and form a friendly relationship you can ask him to go out with you and other friends (don’t ask him out if you’re going to be only the two of you, at least for a while) to a cinema, or a party, so that you can get closer to him, so that he sees you and the difference within yourself. When you ask him out, do it as if it’s a random thought that has hit you all of a sudden, do not lean on him, do not compel him, and if he says no, do not get upset. It is absolutely normal for him to say no.

However, if he says yes, then when you’re out with him, act friendly but not too intimate, preserve your distance, avoid serious discussions and rather continue the usual daily chit chats, even jokes that would cheer him up. If you enter into serious discussions, they may turn into arguments and this may damage your plan to get your ex boyfriend back.

If things get alright between you and him, and if can manage to form a friendly relationship with him and you see that he is WILLING to be in such relationship with you too, then you can ask him out, to go to a cafe to talk about things that you’ve been through. Study his reactions and observe his feelings. He’ll obviously show you what he wants. If you see that he misses you and he wants you to get back together, express your feelings and admit the mistakes that you’ve made. Tell him that you’re eager to spare your efforts to rebuild this relationship and amend your faults but that he needs to be supportive and agreeable. Be kind and mature while you talk to him, he needs to see that you’ve changed, that you’ve understood your mistakes. If you can assure him that the same problems won’t recur through your relationship he will want to be back together with you too.

But, if his reactions show otherwise, do not pressure him, do not yell at him or show any sort of anger to freak him out. You have to be calm, and you need to understand him, to get your ex boyfriend back. Above all, if you love him you MUST be that understanding, giving girl who is reasonable. If you see that he’s certain about the breakup and he does not want to come back together, then say ok and try to keep your steadiness. It is not easy to go through a breakup. I know. But through all this process, you need to keep in mind that you can get your ex boyfriend back or you may not. If he doesn’t, move on with your life, spend time with your friends, take care of yourself and do anything that would make you feel happy.

No matter what, you have yourself, and before him, before every other being it is you that matters primarily to yourself. Please, always remember to smile as it is the key to a happy life while trying to get your ex boyfriend back.

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