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Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Go From Break Up To Make Up Easy With Baby Steps
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Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Go From Break Up to Make Up Easy With Baby Steps

To get back with your ex girlfriend, don't jump in head first. Too many guys make this fatal mistake and get burned.

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Often guys will try to take a great big step when trying to fix a relationship with their ex. What will this do to your relationship?


They want their ex to start over fresh and take them back all at ONCE.... Getting back together with your ex is not a race or a competition....


These big step are actually HUGE leaps that can scare your ex away.... You could regret this for the rest of your life.

SO... What should you do? Just call her up and say "take me back", and then everything is fairy tale ending good? You'll live happy ever after?....

I don't think so.... Things just don't happen like that.... If they did, this would be easy...

The best relationship advice..... IS.... Baby steps....

Teeny tiny steps are much more effective in the relationship repair process with your ex. Act like you are meeting her again for the first time. How would you treat her? What would you do to get her to notice you, to fall in love with you? Let's see, you don't say, "nice shoes, wanna come home with me?", that line only work in bars if the girl is really wasted.


What to do?... A date?... Friends?... Can't we just get back together and skip all the dilly dollying around?

WAIT.... What are you trying to do? Get back together with your ex girlfriend?.... OR.... buy a blow up doll at the sex store? Girls have feelings that are broken easily, but repaired slowly.... getting your ex girlfriend back may take some fiance'.

Shall we start with.... Inviting her out for cup of coffee? This may be a much smaller step than getting back together.... and can even be smaller than asking her out on a date.....

IF you take your time, you can get back with your ex girlfriend...

This is a delicate process.... coffee could still be too big of a step, what can you do to take with a smaller step first?

I know what you might be thinking....This sounds like a lot of work..... and could take a long time.....

It could, BUT, aren't the best things in life worth waiting for?... Isn't your relationship WORTH working on?

The fact is...

Often times... you can get back together with your ex girlfriend by taking a step back..... What does that mean?.... It doesn't mean forget about her or date other people.... Keep her in your life at all costs.... Even starting with a simple friendship could be exactly what you need to get back with your ex girlfriend.

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